Friday, 23 February 2007



Its official John Reid recently announced that the jails were full. This is along with everything else:-
Every infrastructure here is bursting at the seams, there is not enough water not enough housing.

The Roar Parties answer:- Bring back the army from the two wars put them on securing our borders and rounding everyone up that should not be in our Country.

We need to come out of Europe and ask our European immigrants to go home. Give human rights back to where they belong the vast majority of law abiding English citizens.

What is going on in England, a government elected against a majority vote, who take us into an illegal war against the wishes of the people. Scottish MP’s voting on English issues when they have their own Parliament.
Taking us into into an increasingly federal Europe against the wishes of the people. They know that if they allowed a vote on federal Europe it would be kicked out, NO One wants to be ruled by the GERMANS.
They will not give us an open vote on the Death Penalty because they know the English people would vote it back in. Guns are completely outlawed in England, but they seem to have become a fashion accessory for young black people.
Carrying a gun should become a capital offence because you and I know that someone carrying a gun will use it sooner or later, and it could be you or me, or worse one of our family lying there.

I am on a rant

I am on a rant

101 of our lads killed in Afghanistan

This brings into mind a whole series of questions !

Why are our lads out there when there was such opposition from ordinary people against the war.

The Roar Parties answer:- let the people vote on bringing our lads BACK !

Now that young blacks seem to regard guns as a fashion accessory, they are completely illegal and as you know as well as me, if you carry a gun sooner or later you are going to use it, AND GUNS KILL PEOPLE.

The Roar Parties answer:- have a referendum on bringing back the death penalty for people who carry illegal guns !

Why won’t the government reintroduce the death penalty when they know that if it were to be put to a vote in England people would vote for it.

The Roar Parties answer:- have a referendum on re-introducing The Death Penalty

Why is the government taking us increasingly into a federal Europe when they know that if they had a referendum it would go against Europe.
This would stop the European immigration and pull us out of the European Human rights.
Both things the ordinary people of England that I speak to want.

The Roar Parties answer:- have a referendum on Europe and stopping European immigration.

What is it that seems to give the government the right to tell us what they think is best for us, when the people would vote against these issues. What is going on.

Why should we allow Asylum seekers from half way across the world to come here, I have always assumed that an asylum seeker should go to the nearest safe country not travel around the world where ideals and cultures are so far removed from them.

Knife crime has gone up in direct relation to the amount of immigration that we have allowed, surely there is a connection here. !

The Roar Parties answer:- Have a referendum on stopping immigration, and kicking out the people that should not be here.

Why wont the government allow English votes on English issues probably because they know they would be defeated and even worse maybe kicked out, Blair should be impeached for the way he has acted against the wishes of the English people.
How can he possibly sleep at night ? What goes through someone’s mind to hang on to power, to think they know better than the people they are supposed to represent, he is acting like a dictator, instead of someone that is supposed to be representing the people.