Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Vote for Yourselves

During the 14th and 15th century it made sense to elect someone as representative in Parliament, after all it probably took a few days for some people to travel to London. But now with the Internet and mobile phones we could easily have e-voting where everyone could represent themselves. Parliament could become a debating chamber with The People Voting on Important Issues.   The Roar Party is the only party that will promise this to the people, we will put high speed Internet into every home. Not only will this give people an easy route to vote and become more connected, but it will give every household a chance to compete on the Internet with the rest of the world, we should be leading the world in this respect not lagging behind it. Power to the people with Reality Politics.

Monday, 23 June 2014

In a Political Limbo ?

In a Political Limbo ? Maybe you should consider The Roar Party, the only party that will give you votes on important political issues. In effect you would be voting for yourself wit reality Politics.

Islamist Radicals

So MI6 are saying they can 't protect us from these Islamist Radicals fighting in Iraq and Syria. In effect the Government are failing once again in their primary purpose. Well The Roar Party will give you some ideas, STOP MUSLIMS coming here, The Germans never got here in The Last War, so stop this enemy now because whats happening in Mossel now, is what they   want to happen in Birmingham tomorrow. They are not going to stop until they take over here and establish Sharia Law here. Close down The Cardiff Mosque where they have been preaching this hatred, we have had enough we have opened our country, been betrayed by our Government which has established a multicultural society that the British never wanted, and this is the way they pay us back by wanting to take over our country. Successive governments have  branded us Racist if we have dared to talk about Immigration. Now we are in the situation where British Muslims are travelling abroad to be trained for The British Holy War, we call on our Government to take action now before its to late. Put our Army on our Ports, The UK Border Agency is totally useless, bring back our UK Customs. We have cameras that can photograph a human hair from 100 miles away, we have facial recognition systems, and The Government is telling us they can't identify these Muslims extremists, come on MI6 and The Army this is your job....DO IT

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Syrian Islamist Radicals

Syrian Islamist Radicals should not be allowed back to Britain or The EU. The are boasting they are are a threat to our society. The British Peoples Human Rights should be taken into consideration for once and these people should be declared Persona Non Grata and definitely not allowed back into Britain. They want to go and fight in Syria and Iraq, let them stay there, we don't want them.  The Roar Party will let you vote on this and other Immigration issues. It was the same with the returning Guantanamo returnees we didn't want them and what good have they done since they have returned, they have tried to radicalise other young Muslims and that is on top of being paid a fortune by The British Government to keep them quiet. We don't want them here we have Human Rights too.

Do we really need Immigration for our economy.

We finally paid off our World War debts to America in 2006, paid for by Hard Working British People. Since 2006 and Labours open Immigration  policy our national debt has climbed to 1.7 trillion. So far from helping Immigration is creating a huge black hole in our economy.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Population of the UK

It used to be recognised that our population was 60 million, but last week it was published that there are 2 million illegal immigrants in the country, that in itself is outrageous, the Government and The UK Border Agency are totally at fault here. The Governments No 1 Priority is to protect its people, something they have patently failed to do. They should resign on this issue alone.
The Passport Office is the latest government  department to buckle under the strain, up to now its been, Roads, Schools, Hospitals, The Governments answer to the huge increase in population is to cut back on all the essential services, we have seen Police Stations close, Fire Stations close, cut backs in the NHS, our benefits system ripped off, all our infrastructures are completely overloaded.
How many people are now in the country ?  They have actually no idea, this is a total disgrace, are there now 70 million, 80 million  ?.
We need a return to our original Customs service with its ethnic make up as it  was before, which was totally capable and incorruptible, we have so many people in the UK border agency from outside the UK who come from societies that have corruption at their cores.
We need to use the army, with its highly effective intelligence arm to  track down and deal with these high numbers of illegal immigrants.

Taxi demonstration.

Londons Taxi Drivers staged a protest last week against TFL's failure to implement the law over the company Uber being allowed to operate in London. But there was one thing that emerged during these demonstrations the fact that the top executive in TFL is paid £650,000.00 a year, this is totally obscene how have these public servants managed to massively increase their salaries in the last few years when we are supposed to be in austerity, Yesterday I saw an advertisement for The Clerk to The House of Commons salary   of £198,000.00 another obscene salary. The chief executive of my local council receives a salary of £289,143.00 another obscene salary. How have these people been steadily been feathering their own nests over the last few years. The Prime Minister receives a salary of £142,000.00 for running the country. The Roar Party will pledge to peg all civil servants to the Prime Ministers pay, after all how can someone that just runs a local council or transport organisation earn more than the person running the country.

Islamist militants.

During a television interview last week from Birmingham, discussing the attempted takeover of British Schools by Islamist militants, I was appalled to see nearly all the pupils going into the school behind the interviewer wearing head scarfs and long robes. Why are these pupils allowed to be making political statements when they are attending school in Britain, why are they not wearing school uniform like all British School children. Islamist fighters from Britain  fighting in Syria and Iraq are promising to come back here and attack our system. Are we going to see something in Birmingham similar to what is happening in Iraq. We need a strong hand to deal with Muslim Extremists in England. The Roar Party is the Only Party that will deal with these threats by coming out of The European Court of Human Rights, establishing our own Human Rights legislation , we will deport the people that are actively trying to attack our society. The 2,000 activists on The Secret Services watch list will be deported, why should we put up with these people that are actively plotting against us and trying to change our society. It is time we banned the Burqa like France we don't want these people making these political statements here.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Hypocritical French

70 years on The French are making a big deal over celebrating their liberation, they are so grateful that just up the coast they are encouraging illegal European migrants to jump on the back of British lorries. That's what you call gratitude. They are also going ahead supplying arms to Russia after all you can't expect The French to turn their backs on a 1.2 billion Euro contract can you, even if the Russians are attempting to do to Ukraine what the Germans did to them. Viva The French.

The Longest Day 70 years on.

The Roar Party would like to remember all those that took part in the landings 70 years ago, especially those that paid the ultimate sacrifice. But what would those that died then, think about us being run by The Germans now. We need a vote on Europe now not in some date in the future, that the politicians know they have no intention of giving us. Stop lying to us over Europe it has gone far enough. My Grandfather, my Father, my Uncles that all fought  in the last war would be turning in their graves to know The Germans are now in charge. The Roar Party will give you a vote on Europe, on Immigration and on all other important issues, with Reality Politics, The Roar Party stands for referendum and reform, or maybe it should be Revolution, because The Government has no intention of letting The British People a vote on this issue.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Illegal Immigrants.

Channel 5's documentary last night revealed how we are being let down by our Government, The UK Border Agency, and one of our partners in the EU "The French". To many illegal immigrants are making it across our borders, we need a return to The Organized Customs we had, The UK Border Agency are obviously not up to the task. Once again we are being betrayed by our Government who are simply not doing enough to stop these illegals coming in. And what do we say about our French "Partners " in Europe who allow all these Afghans, Iraq's and other illegal immigrants to the EU, to simply put up camp on French soil, they should be rounded up and deported, once again our European "Partners" show they are simply not interested because they are not ending up in France. The Asylum agents who are getting 100's of asylum seekers with the same documentation, we heard of one last nighyt who had got thousands of asylum seekers the right to stay here, and who was subsequently caught and given 7 years, and I know of another that was arranging sham marriages to Bulgarian criminals, these people that had arranged visas should all be deported as well as the criminals being convicted. We should investigate all marriages by EU citizens in this country because I have heard of 100's of arranged sham marriages by Polish people often with charges of 10 or 20,000 pounds. And how do people with overstayed visas carry on working here paying tax and NI, surely the Home Office could tie this two simple things together,  === overstayed visa = national insurance number. The Government are failing in their primary purpose to protect its people  and as proved in The Recent  Euro Election they have only 28% share of the 36 % that voted, resign NOW !!!!!!!!.
The Roar Party will stop immigration immediately and give you a vote in immigration and Europe.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Would you like a vote on Hanging ?

A huge proportion of the British public would vote for a return to Hanging. The Roar Party is the only party that would give you a vote on important issues like this. Give the people real democracy with Reality Politics.