Monday, 27 June 2016

No to Freedom of Movement !

No to Freedom of Movement !

New negotiations must not include Freedom of Movement that's the main reason 17.4 million voted OUT !.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Referendums work

With a turnout of 72.2% in The EU Referendum and an even higher turnout of 84.59% in The Scottish Referendum it shows that when people are ask a specific question they respond in high numbers, because they feel engaged, something that has been lacking for so long in British Politics, where parties have published their manifestos and then have not delivered. Both The Labour, Liberal and Conservative Parties have been guilty of this.
The Roar Party  will correct this by giving The British People a vote on all important issues, our parliamentary system has become so out of date. We propose putting high speed interent into every home, so that people can really engage in important issues. Parliament will become a debating chamber watched by the people who can then vote on important issues with e-voting. This is true democracy, Reality Politics.