Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Lord Reid quotes "Its the Governments job to protect its citizens"

Lord Reid quotes "Its the Governments job to protect  its citizens"
He also quoted The Government is expecting another attack here imminently"
Donald Trump was right it is time to stop all Muslim immigration not just in the US but in Britain.
English people never wanted Muslim immigration into this country on such a scale, The Government betrayed The British People and forced Multiculturalism on us. We on our part weren't even allowed to voice our opinion on this, we were branded "Racist" if we had the temerity to raise our voices, so in the most part we laid down and let The Government rollover us. What were the advantages to us of this ? We allowed these people to flood into our country and were they happy ? No they want to bring the way of life they have had in countries like, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan here, they couldn't  live together in their own countries and now they want to bring their civil wars here, to disrupt our way of life. We got over differences in religion in this country a long time ago. In my own town their was a boy of 19 burnt at the stake in 1555 for reading the Bible in English (William Hunter) so I know that we did a few hundred years ago have these differences, but we have put that behind us. Now the Muslim invading hordes or swarms as David Cameron describes them have come here and show us they want to take over our country, they wear their political costumes in public even school children are going to school wearing their political statements. They want to take our country back into the stone age, with practises like Sharia Law, where people are whipped, tortured and beheaded in Public as in Saudi Arabia.
We must not only stop all Muslim immigration now we must give The British People a vote on do we want Muslims here at all. Because you have to acknowledge the fact that if there weren't Muslims here we wouldn't be facing another attack imminently.
The Roar Party is the only Party that will give the British People a vote on stopping Muslim immigration, but also do we actually outlaw Muslims here and ask them to leave. They have proved they can't live in our society without wanting to change it, and how long are we prepared to put up with that.


Tuesday, 22 March 2016

We must call on Our Government to stop all Muslim immigration NOW !

We must call on Our Government to stop all Muslim immigration NOW !
Following the attacks in London, Paris and Belgium we call on our Government to stop all Muslim immigration. If they fail to do this we must assume they are going to continue to betray The British People. We now have a population approaching 80 million in an infrastructure built for 60 million. What has been successive Governments answer to this  ? We have had cutbacks to The Police, The Paramedic Service, The Army, The NHS, The Coastguard Service, The Border Agency, our borders are no longer safe, they can't even find people coming across in lorries and other vehicles, if they can't find people how secure are we  in thinking they can detect, AK47's, Explosives, Radiation material. other weapons of Mass Destruction that we know the Islamists have access too.
With the cutbacks how safe are we when they attack London in multiple locations, with not enough Police, Ambulances taking  hours instead of the 4 minutes we used to expect, waits of minimum 4 hours in accident and emergency, the Fire Brigade cut backs, why are we being betrayed like this more and more people in the country and more and more cutbacks.
How many British people are going to die unnecessarily because we havn't got the services to treat and rescue them.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Is David Cameron admitting defeat ?

This morning David Cameron quoted "Even out of Europe ! " is this the first crack, is he admitting that we are coming out  of Europe ?