Monday, 9 November 2009


An article in the Daily Express 5th November 2009, it accuses the leaders who have taken us into A Federal Europe of lying, indeed I seem to recall Gordon Brown promising us a referendum on Europe as did The Labour Party. We feel betrayed by Gordon Brown and his government, not only me but my father who fought for Britain in the last war and my grand-father who fought in the war before that. The English are not going to take this lying down there will be a Revolution.
Then on the front page of The Sunday Times 8th November 2009 there is a story about the Home Office ignoring risk of dangerous immigrants, not only this but that Labour had allowed unlimited immigration to rocket so that they could undermine the British Vote.

The law of treason states that :-
If a Man do levy War against our Lord the King in his Realm, or be adherent to the King's Enemies in his Realm, giving to them Aid and Comfort in the Realm."

Gordon Brown has sold us out to a Federal Europe without asking the people or giving them a vote on the subject. Is this Treason.