Sunday, 28 December 2014

Fox Hunting

The Roar Party will give everyone a vote on Fox Hunting, as it will on all important issues. E-voting, on issues like Europe, Immigration, Health Service, Tuition Fees. The Roar stands for Referendum and Reform. #foxhunting.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

English Jobs for English People.

The Health Service is recruiting 4 out of 5 nurses from abroad. This has to stop The Roar Party demands that all jobs in England be offered to English People first. We are being betrayed by our Government who are putting profit before people.  The Roar Party will sack any managers that actively recruit foreigners above English people, This will apply to products as well, why should we have our hard earned tax money spent on foreign products and foreign jobs, every time I see a German built ambulance or  public utility vehicle I wonder what is going on, surely English money spent by The Government should be directed at products built in Britain. We will go further than this  as well with salaries, in the last ten years public employees have been quietly feathering their nests and awarding themselves outrageous salaries, we will peg all public service employees pay up to  a limit of the Prime Ministers salary, after all why should public employees running councils, county councils, the health service and other public utilities earn more than the person running the country.

#stopmuslimimmigration NOW !!!!!!

140 children killed in Pakistan, Syrian snipers targeting pregnant women and shooting them in the stomach, the most horrendous crimes against humanity committed by IS, beheadings in England, all   committed in the  name of Islam. This just goes to show what Muslims are capable off when you strip away the veneer of civilisation. It will happen here and even this last week The Police in England managed to stop a major terrorist attack here. We have been betrayed by our government allowing such major Muslim immigration into our country, the differences in cultures is just to great. The Roar Party will stop Muslim immigration and calls on The Government to stop all Muslim Immigration NOW !!!!!!

Sunday, 14 December 2014


The Roar Parties position on this is #alllivesmatter

Friday, 5 December 2014

25% Increase in Dartford Crossing Price is Outrageous.

In these days of Austerity a 25% increase in The Dartford Crossing Price is absolutely OUTRAGEOUS, even more as these profits are going to a French Company. Once again The Hard Working Workers in Britain have been betrayed by our Government. #Cameronmustgo #thegovernmentmustgo.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

President of The EU recommends Labour.

Should The President of The European Union be recommending one British Political Party ?
That's a bit like The Queen saying she wants Nigel Farage to win the next election !.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Christmas Lights

On a lighter note here are the first Christmas Lights in my village. #christmaslights.

Merry Christmas from The Roar Party.  #xmaslights

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Dartford Crossing

At last they are going to do something about the Dartford Crossing or Le Crossing as the French Company that manage have renamed it !. Why do we have a French Company managing an asset that the Government promised us would be free when it was paid for ? Another case of our Government betraying The English by channeling our money into French Profits and French Jobs ?  TFL have the technology to handle The Congestion charge why can't they do it ? Just another example of our Government taking our hard earned tax revenues and giving it out to EU countries. Look at all the Ambulances and Police vans a lot of them are Mercedes, or Volkswagen our hard earned money going to German jobs and profits no wonder The Fuhrer wants us to stay in. While we are on the subject why do we allow our British Companies to be sold to overseas investors The Roar Party would like to see all companies operating in Britain to be 65% owned by British Nationals. The same with our houses and buildings ordinary Londoners are being priced out of London because overseas investors are buying houses. Like a lot of other countries we should only allow British people to buy in England, or people that have been granted residency here. And why not extend this to Football, teams must have 65% of their squads British and only English managers, perhaps then we will see an improvement in our teams performances in World and European matches.
The Roar Party wants to see British jobs for British People. Another 260,000 people have flooded in in the last year, we are full, STOP IMMIGRATION NOW !

Friday, 21 November 2014

Congratulations to UKIP

Why should we congratulate another party ? It is because they have broken the mould. It is because people are waking up to the fact that our masters have no intention of listening to us over Europe. Gordon Brown, David Cameron all promised us a vote on Europe before they were in power and they lied to us they had no intention of giving us the vote. The Roar Party will give you a vote on Europe and referendums on all important issues.
The Labour party has shown us what they think of the ordinary people by sneering at white van man and his flags. They have shown us by their attitude on Europe how far theyn have become divorced from the very base they should be representing.  Emily Thornberry should not only resign from her position of power but resign as an MP, give UKIP another opportunity for another MP.
On top of this all the parties have been sitting on top of this volcano that is now showing signs of going to erupt, historical child abuse by people in power. Right from the top,  Prime Ministers,  Home Secretarys, MP'S and others have been abusing their positions of power, and they have been abusing our children. This information is  becoming a tsunami that is sweeping across the internet.

Want to know more:-


Edward Heath, Jimmy Saville, Haut de Garenne,


Leon Brittan, Elm Guest House.

Will more MP's resign their seats ?


Thursday, 20 November 2014

UKIP are copying our ideas on Immigration

Today UKIP said that if we vote to come out of Europe they will ask our EU Immigrants to go home.. The Roar Party will give you a vote on this we never ask them to come but if you vote on it we will ask them to go home.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Could Ed Miliband get any further from The Working Man.

Ed Milibands comments on The EU today distances himself further from The Working Man than any Labour leader in history. I have never been in a pub especially in a Public Bar where the ordinary working man expresses his comments on The EU and heard anyone wanting to stay in Europe. We spent two World Wars fighting The Germans and The Working Man was the one on The Front Line, they remember and they now object to being Ruled by The New Fuhrer, who told Cameron last week that he won't be allowed to renogotiate on freedom of Movement. Ed Miliband you are as far from The Working Man as it is possible to get !

Thursday, 6 November 2014

The Fuhrer jackboots Cameron

The Fuhrer has told Cameron that it would be easier for him to leave Europe, than renegotiate Freedom of Movement. She has told him what all Englishmen want, get out of Europe.

Friday, 31 October 2014


#Immigration. Yesterday David Cameron and Ed Milliband slugged it out in the Commons, Who Won? I can tell you who lost...The British People, they have been betrayed by both of these parties, The Asylem system is a shambles there are tens of thousands waiting for decisions. The Roar Parties stance on this is that the Asylem system should be applied as follows , Asylem seekers should go to the nearest safe country to their country of origin, they should not be allowed to travel half way round The World to Benefits Britain. People from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia should never be allowed Asylem here, they are coming from cultures that are corrupt and to far away from our way of life. Any immigrants from anywhere should have health checks and criminal checks, if countries like America, Australia, New Zealand apply these checks why can't we ?

The Governments No 1 priority should be to protect its people, they have completely failed in this respect.

The Roar Pary will give you a vote on Europe and this vote will be by British Nationals, not the residents of 28 other countries that are currently allowed to vote in our elections. They will also give you a vote, if you vote on coming out of Europe, if you would like the European immigrants to go home, we never ask them to come here but we can ask them to go home.

One of the biggest scandels regarding immigrants recently is the large number of Pakistani men abusing young British women, these should all be deported immediately. Mind you is this surprising in our society when there are examples of endemic child abuse from the highest levels of our own society.... Google... Edward Heath, Jimmy Saville, Haut de Garenne, and then Google.....Leon Brittan, Elm Guest House.
So there is to be an inquiry into all this, don't make me laugh, they have appointed one of Leon Brittans pals to do this, and I hear they are excluding, Haut de Gareen, Kincoran, probably Elm Guest House. What they should be doing is tracking all the children that have been in care since the 80's finding out what has happened to them and interviewing them. Lets nail all these abusers once and for all however high they were in British Society. Of course this won't happen, you already know that this inquiry is going to a white wash, because if the truth came out it would bring down The Government.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The Roar Party wants to deliver real democracy.

The Roar Party wants to deliver real democracy, with Reality Politics, e-voting in Elections and on all important decisions. The Scottish Referendum proved that when people are engaged they will come out and vote. The Roar Party pledges High Speed Internet access to every household and give e-voting on all important issues. Our Internet speeds are lagging behind a lot of countries and as one of the richest countries in the World this is unacceptable. We want real democracy for England, Parliament will become a debating chamber with e-voting by the People, Real Democracy.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Immigrants on benefits sub let their London piles.

You couldn't make it up could you ? One more example of us having MUG tattoed on our foreheads.

Ed Miliband shows signs of early dementia.

1.3 Trillion is an easy figure to forget when you are making an important speech, Isn't IT ?????
The same with immigration, if you had gone in any pub in the last five years you would have found the old sages talking about immigration, these are the hard working loyal Englishmen that the Labour Party has betrayed and doesn't represent any more

2 more Rats abandon ship

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Once again David Cameron you have let us down

Latvian muderer Arnis Zalkalns, 41 is major suspect in the disappearance of Alice Goss.
What is a Latvian murderer doing in our country, one more  example of The Government failing to protect its people, that which should be the number one priority of any Government. Mr Cameron you must resign you are just not doing your job.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Shaun Wright resigns.

Now its your turn David Cameron, David Miliband, and Nick Clegg, over the continual cover up regarding The Elm Guest House Scandal and The Elite Westminster Paedophile ring,  with suppression of the story, D Notices issued, and even interference of witnesses by Special Branch and MI5. This goes right to the top with a former Prime Minister and Home Secretary accused.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Resign Mr Cameron

The No 1 purpose of the Government is to protect its people, something I have rammed home before. That includes looking after the most vulnerable, the  children in care. Not only have The Government not looked after them, there are some in positions of the highest power that have prayed on them, not only that but when these people have been found out , The Government have stepped in and protected them.  Files have been "LOST" in numerous occasions, the most blatant concerning files handed to The Home Secretary Leon Brittan, and is it any wonder they were lost because Chris Fey during an interview with Carole Kasir was shown pictures of Leon Brittan that she said were taken at Elm Guest House. She conveniently died in 1990 a victim of an "overdose". The Coroner was the same Coroner who officiated for Princess Di and Jill Dando  (are any bells ringing here).
Then we have ex Prime Minister Edward Heath being accused by a Barrister Michael Shrimpton of more abuse, check this out by googling, Edward Heath, Jimmy Saville and Haut de Garenne.
Not only is this bad enough but you have succesive Governments covering all this up, aided by The Police, Special Branch, MI5, Mi6 and D Notices.
Then in the latest abuse scandal at Rotherham more files have "Mysteriously" disappeared along with physical evidence of rape.
Are you going to vote Yes or No in The Scottish Referendum, because what ever way you vote, Scotland is not immune to these cases of missing files, one that Alex Salmond himself knows about. Find out yourself about these Google Alex Salmond and missing abuse files.
So Mr Cameron who lied to us before you were elected by saying you would give us a vote on Europe, when are you going to start doing the most important job of any Government, the No 1 job of any Government, protecting its People.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Another Rat abandons ship #ChrisKelly

Another Rat abandons ship...............

This Government will be consumed by the fires of Truth

This Government will be consumed by the fires of Truth. Wildfires are igniting all over the Internet concerning Child Abuse from the highest in the Land, D. Notices, Super Injunctions are failing anymore to douse the Flames. Allegations concerning Edward Heath, Leon Brittan, Cliff Richard members of The Monday Club, Labour MP's, Liberal MP's, Special Branch, MI5 and The Police are all over The Internet, it can only be a matter of time now before these wild fires consume everything and everyone in their path.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Child Abuse

Social Media is exploding with accusations of Child Abuse. Not only in England, Wales and Northern Island here is a link to Scotland as well.

And another link here to Lambeth and suspected murder of someone that appears to be about to blow the whistle, shades of Jill Dando here.

Can you blame Douglas Carswell trying to get away from any of The Main Parties that have been suppressing these scandals for years, even as far as D Notices and using Special Branch, against victims and people trying to find the truth.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

David Cameron gets hit.

Douglas Carswell goes to Ukip fed up with the lies and promises from David Cameron over Europe. But this is nothing compared to the hit he will take when the Truth comes out about Edward Heath and Leon Brittan.

Morning Sickness

Theresa May and Nick Clegg call for Shaun Wrights resignation.

Theresa May and Nick Clegg call for Shaun Wrights resignation saying he must have known about the abuse in South Yorkshire. Well, so is it clear that if you have known of widespread sexual abuse and have not done anything about it , you should resign, if so The Roar Party is calling on both of you to resign over the cover up of an elite peadophile ring in Westminster. You both must know about these stories and accusations because there are D Notices preventing them becoming public. Well the D Notices might have worked before the Internet but now these stories are all over the  Internet. You want an example:-
So Theresa May and Nick Clegg, Ow and Mr Cameron when are you resigning.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Our Borders are understaffed.

Our Borders are understaffed, quote on LBC today. Once again the Government are failing in their primary purpose, especially at this time. This is a resignation issue you can't sweep this under the carpet Mr Cameron, especially as this comes on top of the news that 50 million people have moved in and out of Britain without being recorded.

Your time is limited anyway Mr Cameron, Mr Miliband and Mr Clegg, when this news really breaks and we see how successive governments have used D Notices to keep these stories hidden.

Google.... Jimmy Saville, Haute Garenne, Edward Heath.

Google.... Leon Brittan, Elm Guest House.

We demand an immediate inquiry into these stories.

Thursday, 21 August 2014


The events of this week have shown us that British ? Muslims are capable of anything. 
Beheadings, taking captives to be used as sex slaves, killing innocent men women and children, it just shows you what they are capable of, once they have escaped the restraints of civilised society.

Maybe The Japanese have got it right.The official policy of Japan is not to give citizenship to Muslims who  go to  Japan, and even permits for permanent residency are given sparingly to Muslims.
Japan forbids exhorting people to adopt the religion of Islam (Dawah), and any Muslim who actively encourages conversion to Islam is seen as proselytizing to a foreign and undesirable culture. Few academic institutions teach the Arabic language. It is very difficult to import books of the Qur’an to Japan, and Muslims who come to Japan, are usually employees of foreign companies. In Japan there are very few mosques. 
Recently I was talking to a lovely young lady who came from a rural Essex village, she had just returned from The East End and she told me she had been approached by three Muslim Men who had told her the wearing of shorts in their area was forbidden, she was very upset by this and quite emotional, perhaps this was the same area that was flying the Isis flag recently, can you imagine what would have happened if you had flown a swastika over an East End estate in the last war. You see the fact is that Muslims coming to this country are coming from very corrupt society and when they come here they don't want to conform to our civilised society. they want to alter our education system, they try and corrupt our voting system ( we still haven't heard the results of the inquiry into the voting scandal in Tower Hamlets ) They are not happy with our laws and want to impose Sharia law especially in East London. They preach hatred and radicalisation from some of their Mosques. The Australian premier was right if you want to change our society that much please go somewhere else. I can tell you from personal experience that the Gulf between our cultures is enormous.
Those muslims that can be identified as fighting in Syria and Iraq for IS should be declared personna non grata and not allowed back in our country.
During the last 10 years we have been overwhelmed by a tsunami of immigration, both from Muslim and European countries, the British people have had immigration and Multiculturalism forced on us that  we didn't want it and certainly weren't allowed a vote on. Recently over 50 million people have been allowed in and out of the country without any checks, The British Governments primary purpose is to protect The British People and they have completely failed here. They should resign just over this issue alone. 
Mind you since the 1980's we have been forced into a federal Europe that very few British People wanted, and despite promises from The Liars, Brown, Blair and Cameron we have never been allowed a vote on this.
And now there are even bigger stories erupting all over The Internet and Social Media, about Edward Heath and his proclivities (google:- Jimmy Saville, Haut de Garenne, Edward Heath ) and that these proclivities were discovered by The Germans and that is how they blackmailed Edward Heath into taking us into what has become a Federal Europe, and now there is such a huge increase in immigration from Europe that we will never be able to vote ourselves out of Europe, with people from 38 countries allowed to vote in our Elections. We demand a vote on Europe but with only British Citizens allowed to vote.
These huge cover ups are also involving top politicians ( google Leon Brittan, Elm Guest House  ) and these stories have been covered up by successive Governments involving D Notices, and Special Branch discouraging people who are trying to bring these stories out, and discouraging victims from coming forward with their stories.
The army have come back from Afghanistan lets use them and their intelligence services to find and interview all the children that were admitted to Haut de Garenne, Kincora, Grafton Close, and more especially when these children left these homes and where they went. A public inquiry involving  politicians or the judiciary is no good owing to the connections with people on these lists.

Generally they are coming from a corrupt societies that are so far removed from our civilisation.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Who are MP's

Who are Mp's are they a special breed, because we vote to represent us do they become superheroes, or as it seems in a lot of cases super baddies. If you google the opposite of Superheros there isn't a word !!!!
Once you become an MP do you become above the law, does it mean you can pull the strings and change bad into good, can you get Special Branch to protect you whatever evil you are doing,  presumably in The Interest Of National Security. ? Can you get ordinary policeman to cover up for you, get policeman shuffled sideways,  taken off the case, retired, or whatever influence you can use to get them off the case. Apparently this list from the Elm Guest House has been doing the rounds since 1982 when it was raided by the police.
Even recently Mr Danczuk described a warning that came after a vote in the House of Commons on a  Monday night when a senior Conservative MP “stepped out of the shadows” to confront him.
He said: “I’d never spoken to him before my life but he blocked my way and ushered me to one side.
“He warned me to think very carefully about what I was going to say the next day before the Home Affairs Select Committee when I’d be answering questions on child abuse.
So what do these MP's become after we have elected them, that they think they are so above us (the people that elected them ) that they can do the most evil things (google Jimmy Saville, Haut De Garenne, Edward Heath ) in this example it seems the evil was witnessed by Special Branch Protection Group, who nicknamed Edward Heath's Boat Morning Sickness.
But the big question remains do these people become so powerful after we have elected them, that they become above the law, use their influence to evade being arrested have their names and evil doings protected by D Notices.
Once we have elected them do they themselves become more than ordinary people, does the Palace of Westminster change them like Superman, spin around in a telephone box and become somehow a different breed, now longer subject to the law, able to do the most evil of things to their "subjects" and protect themselves , with The Police, Special Branch, MI5, The Law, D Notices, Super Injunctions.
David Cameron should resign. All the major political parties should be disbanded , because The Conservative Party, The Labour Party, The Liberal Party have all taken their place in this deception, have placed  themselves above The Law, all  because we voted these ordinary people to become MP's.
I said I wasn't going to blog about this any more but as more and more people become aware of this huge conspiracy, especially on Social Media and The Internet it is becoming more and more of a topic of conversation. 
So we elect them  and then from The Highest level, Prime Minister, Home Secretary, Ordinary MP's they then think they are above us, we are just The Plebs who don't matter don't have a voice, can be lied to ( as in having a Vote on Europe, George Brown, Tony Blair, David Cameron have all promised us  a vote on Europe ), we are just The People we don't count, we can't be told The Truth.  We are The underclass They are "The Rulers " above us in every way.
We need a new vision  of politics, real democracy, it is time now to give democracy to the people lets have e-voting on important issues give people their own vote. The Roar Party is the only party pledged to do this, with Reality Politics. Power to The People.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

John Major is Right and Wrong.

Former Prime Minister says immigrants should be valued for the "guts and drive" they have to leave their homes and work for a better life

We agree with you John however we are being overwhelmed with a tsunami of immigration and that is where it is wrong. Our infrastructure is built for 60 million people and how many are here now ?  The government don't really know and that is where it is going wrong. It could be 70 million and some suggest 80 million. All we know is that are services. hospital, schools, roads, doctors just are not coping.  And Sir John  did anyone ask the British People if they wanted immigration on such a scale, did anyone offer us a vote on Europe, Oh sorry I forgot The Liars, Blair, Brown, Cameron all offered us a vote on Europe when they were not in Power, and  as soon as they were in power turned their backs on The People.  The Roar Party will give The People a vote on Europe, and we will ask The Europeans to go home after all we never ask them to come her. And don't tell me its good for our economy when we now have a National Debt of 1.7 Trillion.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Morning Sickness

This was the nickname given to Edward Heath's boat Morning Cloud by his close protection team who must have known what was going on. Why was this nickname given, listen to Michael Shrimpton and you will understand:-
And then you have the allegations against the former Home Secretary , listen to Bill Maloney and Chris Fay here :-

For some time these stories have been kept from the Public with D notices, but now they are all over The Internet and people are talking about them. Soon Mr Cameron will have his own Morning Sickness and will have  to make a statement about these stories and either deny them or start apologising, and with a Prime Minister accused of Child Abuse and worse, and with a Home Secretary involved as well, I don't think The Government will survive.
Maybe you should resign now Mr Cameron.

This is the last blog I am going to make on this subject, I am now going to concentrate on the main aims of The Roar Party bringing democracy to the people with Reality Politics. Giving people their own vote on all important issues.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Yesterday we were enemies today we are friends

That's just such a load of rubbish. The Fuhrer was here a few weeks ago telling David Cameron, that he wouldn't be able to renegotiate anything,  and on top of that he got no support over the selection of the EU president. The Germans are just so much the enemy as they were 100 years ago, don't be fooled.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

This could bring The Government Down

I thought I would back off blogging about The Child Abuse scandal and The Elm House Affair, I was beginning to get worried I might be attracting the attention of MI5 or The Special Branch, it seems so many people associated with this story have either committed "suicide" or "died". Then today on BBC News up pops the subject again with The Kincora Childrens Home Scandal, now why would a tiny Childrens Home in Northern Ireland, attract the attention of Jimmy Saville and The English Prime Minister Edward Heath. If you google Kincora and Jimmy Saville, up comes a load of information about Jimmy Saville and also a picture of Ted Heath visiting the home. Now as far as I know there are no D Notices covering this.
But if you google Jimmy Saville, Haute De Gaurenne, and Edward Heath up comes some pretty damaging accusations, and there are apparently D notices covering publication of this story, now why would you need D notices unless the authorities are trying to keep a cap on what happened in Jersey and at The Tory Party Conference at Blackpool.
Now another story with a D notice and a super injunction, is the story about The Elm Guest House, now this concerns The famous missing dossier, given to Leon Brittan by Geoffrey Dickens, now if you google The Elm Guest House and Leon Brittan, it suddenly becomes clear why the dossier disappeared.
If these links to Edward Heath and Leon Brittan turn out to be true I can't see The Government surviving. 

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Immigrants can only claim benefits for 3 months.

You are kidding right, immigration is continuing to go up. We should have a system like The Isle of Man no benefits until you have paid into the system for 5 years. This should be the same for The NHS, this is falling apart the same as all our infrastructures, our country has an  infrastructure built fOr 60 million people and there are now 80 million, even that is a guess because the government doesn't even know, or won't tell us the truth. The Governments No 1 priority should be protecting its people, Ha don't make me laugh. I don't think they even care, at the moment they are trying to cover their backs, over the biggest scandal of child ABUSE YOU CAN IMAGINE. !!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

It is beginning to look like Westminster is above the law.

This is the most worrying sentence from the attached article from The Daily Mail Online.

D-Notices, Super Injunctions, Special Branch, are protecting Edward Heath, Leon Brittan, Cliff Richard.
I always thought these were to be used protecting the state in cases of national security. Mind you if these stories come out and are proved to be true, I can't see how The Conservative Party will survive, and the connections to the Labour Party don't look to good either.

I had always thought D-Notices, Special Branch, were to used protecting the goodies, not in protecting the Baddies. Here is another very interesting article, I let you draw your own conclusions.

I am in despair these people I have grown up with and were part of my world, make my world crumble. 

Monday, 21 July 2014

Affordable Housing.

The London Living wage is £8.80 an hour £352.00 a week, and the state pension at £123.45 a week. so what is affordable housing for the Hard Working Londoner who is on the living wage. They certainly can't afford the flats along the river priced in the millions. With foreign investment flooding in, the average Londoner stands no chance of accommodation in his home City.

When my father got Demobbed from The Army at the end of WW!!, our family were given a prefab 2 bedroom bungalow. For its time it was great, built in Kitchen, Fridge, Washing Machine, with a fitted bathroom, with hot water and heating.

This Holiday Inn at Southend Airport is a modern modular Building, but the colour and appearance is fantastic.  The Roar Party would like to build 100.000 modern modular buildings similar to the post-war bungalows but very Eco with solar panels . One third to be rented at an affordable £140.00 a week, one third to be rented to pensioners at £40.00 a week, and one third for sale at £183,000.00 so that the average Londoner could get on the building ladder. All these would only be available to British citizens who have worked in London for 5 years. Those that have been bought could only be sold after 5 years and then the difference in the sale price and the original buying price would be split 50/50 with the government.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Rebels are stealing the Bodies.

 We were right yesterday to say Nuke the crash site, now the rebels are stealing the bodies. What is up with our government their primary purpose is to protect its citizens that means their bodies to. Why do we have tactical Nuclear weapons for if we aren't going to use them. They have declared war on us, let them have a taste of their own medicine.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Plane Crash MH17

The Israelis know how to handle rockets being fired at them. These people have declared war on our World. We have tactical nuclear weapons. The Americans would know the position of this launch site lets just Nuke them show we aren't going to stand for this. It said on the news tonight they are using Credit Cards taken from the dead. Even more reason to nuke them.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Isle of Man

I was talking to someone last week at The Tour De France, and he had a lot to do with The Isle of Man. He explained that they do not have the immigration problem there that we have in Britain, they have only 2% unemployment, one of reasons for this is jobs have to be offered to Manx residents first, then can only be offered  to immigrants if no genuine Manx people are suitable or can be found. No immigrants can claim benefits until they have paid into the system for five years. There is very little crime in The Island.

We could adopt a lot of these ideas in Britain, no immigrants to claim benefits until they have paid in for five years. All immigrants to be health screened and Criminal checks carried out, as In Australia and New Zealand. A vote on Europe and if we vote to come out, ask The European immigrants to go home, after all The British People never asked to be in Europe or ask for such high levels of immigration. Property in England to be only purchased by British residents, Londoners are being priced out of their capital by foreign investment, our capital should be for us to live in not for foreign investors to make money. Companies operating in England to be owned 65% by British Nationals, this would stop the huge multinational companies operating here and not paying their rightful taxation. We could apply this to football teams as well 65% of a clubs squad should be British citizens, perhaps this would help in The World and European competitions, also British teams could only be managed by British citizens. All national  utilities would have to nationalised or have the 65% rule applied to them, we want to keep the profits from utilities to stay in England.

#Cabinet Reshuffle.

David Cameron announces a Cabinet Reshuffle, is this a smoke screen for yet another cover up over the missing Paedophile Dossiers. There are articles all over the Internet                        about The Dossier being handed to Leon Brittan, who is allegedly himself in the dossier, no wonder it disappeared, even more worrying is the articles mentioning Ted Heath and his alliance to Jimmy Saville. Ted Heath wouldn't have gone anywhere without Special Branch and Special Branch Boat Service  watching over him. We have already been told by Bill Maloney that Special Branch had him up against a wall with a gun to his head warning him off, and intercepting victims who were coming to his office to tell their stories. So were The Special Branch involved in this up to their necks.

Even more worrying is the allegations that Ted Heath was blackmailed over this into joining the EU.

With these allegations all over the Internet we need a statement from Government about these dossiers, who appear to have MP's of all parties, Monday Club Members, and all sorts of members of The Establishment on the lists.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

William Hague

William Hague, we are sorry to see you go, you have shown integrity and honesty and even though we are another party have been proud that you represented Britain. Unlike David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair that have consistently lied to the British Public. So William if ever consider joining with a party that promises Democratic Revolution we would be proud to have you.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Depressed and rudderless

I grew up with Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris and Cliff Richard, I wouldn't say they were my heroes, but they were the people of my time, Cyril Smith Ted Heath were also politicians of my time, MI5, Special Branch were the goodies. All of sudden I find that these people especially in regard to The Elm Guest House and the Haute de Garenne,  were really suspect, the expenses scandel is nothing compared to this, check out this video on Ted Heath.......==>>  and the list of people associated with Elm Guest House ...=>>

also Bill Maloney visited Jersey scene of Edward Heaths escapades. ===>>>

So was Ted Heath blackmailed and turned by the Germans and is that why we are in The EU, amazing how all this is coming out from the dossier that has disappeared, and what about Jill Dando's death and Princess Diana's death and the fact that the autopsies on Diana and the owner of Elm Guest House was carried out by the same pathologist.

This week the Government are trying a new law aimed at snooping on your phone calls and e-mails with the excuse that they are doing it to protect us from The Muslim extremists, The Roar Party has a simple answer to this stop all Muslim immigration, and lets declare some of these Islamists Radicals that are against us Persona Non Grata and deport them to a country they are happier in.

So this is why I am depressed and rudderless all the values and ideals I grew up with are suddenly thrown up in the air. We need a complete change of Government, The Roar Party may be the answer let people themselves vote on important issues, lets not be ruled by the The Public School boys who are obviously  unfortunate victims of a degenerate system. may have the answers.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

5,000 killed in the Uk last year by antibiotic resistant diseases

Once again The Government fail in their primary purpose, that of protecting their people. This is the result of The Tsaunami wave of immigration with no Health Checks and no Criminal checks. Especially from Asian Countries where drug resistant TB is rife. When is The Government going to stand up and do its job and stop immigration. The Roar Party will stop all immigration if you The People vote to protect yourselves.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Vote for Yourselves

During the 14th and 15th century it made sense to elect someone as representative in Parliament, after all it probably took a few days for some people to travel to London. But now with the Internet and mobile phones we could easily have e-voting where everyone could represent themselves. Parliament could become a debating chamber with The People Voting on Important Issues.   The Roar Party is the only party that will promise this to the people, we will put high speed Internet into every home. Not only will this give people an easy route to vote and become more connected, but it will give every household a chance to compete on the Internet with the rest of the world, we should be leading the world in this respect not lagging behind it. Power to the people with Reality Politics.

Monday, 23 June 2014

In a Political Limbo ?

In a Political Limbo ? Maybe you should consider The Roar Party, the only party that will give you votes on important political issues. In effect you would be voting for yourself wit reality Politics.

Islamist Radicals

So MI6 are saying they can 't protect us from these Islamist Radicals fighting in Iraq and Syria. In effect the Government are failing once again in their primary purpose. Well The Roar Party will give you some ideas, STOP MUSLIMS coming here, The Germans never got here in The Last War, so stop this enemy now because whats happening in Mossel now, is what they   want to happen in Birmingham tomorrow. They are not going to stop until they take over here and establish Sharia Law here. Close down The Cardiff Mosque where they have been preaching this hatred, we have had enough we have opened our country, been betrayed by our Government which has established a multicultural society that the British never wanted, and this is the way they pay us back by wanting to take over our country. Successive governments have  branded us Racist if we have dared to talk about Immigration. Now we are in the situation where British Muslims are travelling abroad to be trained for The British Holy War, we call on our Government to take action now before its to late. Put our Army on our Ports, The UK Border Agency is totally useless, bring back our UK Customs. We have cameras that can photograph a human hair from 100 miles away, we have facial recognition systems, and The Government is telling us they can't identify these Muslims extremists, come on MI6 and The Army this is your job....DO IT

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Syrian Islamist Radicals

Syrian Islamist Radicals should not be allowed back to Britain or The EU. The are boasting they are are a threat to our society. The British Peoples Human Rights should be taken into consideration for once and these people should be declared Persona Non Grata and definitely not allowed back into Britain. They want to go and fight in Syria and Iraq, let them stay there, we don't want them.  The Roar Party will let you vote on this and other Immigration issues. It was the same with the returning Guantanamo returnees we didn't want them and what good have they done since they have returned, they have tried to radicalise other young Muslims and that is on top of being paid a fortune by The British Government to keep them quiet. We don't want them here we have Human Rights too.

Do we really need Immigration for our economy.

We finally paid off our World War debts to America in 2006, paid for by Hard Working British People. Since 2006 and Labours open Immigration  policy our national debt has climbed to 1.7 trillion. So far from helping Immigration is creating a huge black hole in our economy.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Population of the UK

It used to be recognised that our population was 60 million, but last week it was published that there are 2 million illegal immigrants in the country, that in itself is outrageous, the Government and The UK Border Agency are totally at fault here. The Governments No 1 Priority is to protect its people, something they have patently failed to do. They should resign on this issue alone.
The Passport Office is the latest government  department to buckle under the strain, up to now its been, Roads, Schools, Hospitals, The Governments answer to the huge increase in population is to cut back on all the essential services, we have seen Police Stations close, Fire Stations close, cut backs in the NHS, our benefits system ripped off, all our infrastructures are completely overloaded.
How many people are now in the country ?  They have actually no idea, this is a total disgrace, are there now 70 million, 80 million  ?.
We need a return to our original Customs service with its ethnic make up as it  was before, which was totally capable and incorruptible, we have so many people in the UK border agency from outside the UK who come from societies that have corruption at their cores.
We need to use the army, with its highly effective intelligence arm to  track down and deal with these high numbers of illegal immigrants.

Taxi demonstration.

Londons Taxi Drivers staged a protest last week against TFL's failure to implement the law over the company Uber being allowed to operate in London. But there was one thing that emerged during these demonstrations the fact that the top executive in TFL is paid £650,000.00 a year, this is totally obscene how have these public servants managed to massively increase their salaries in the last few years when we are supposed to be in austerity, Yesterday I saw an advertisement for The Clerk to The House of Commons salary   of £198,000.00 another obscene salary. The chief executive of my local council receives a salary of £289,143.00 another obscene salary. How have these people been steadily been feathering their own nests over the last few years. The Prime Minister receives a salary of £142,000.00 for running the country. The Roar Party will pledge to peg all civil servants to the Prime Ministers pay, after all how can someone that just runs a local council or transport organisation earn more than the person running the country.

Islamist militants.

During a television interview last week from Birmingham, discussing the attempted takeover of British Schools by Islamist militants, I was appalled to see nearly all the pupils going into the school behind the interviewer wearing head scarfs and long robes. Why are these pupils allowed to be making political statements when they are attending school in Britain, why are they not wearing school uniform like all British School children. Islamist fighters from Britain  fighting in Syria and Iraq are promising to come back here and attack our system. Are we going to see something in Birmingham similar to what is happening in Iraq. We need a strong hand to deal with Muslim Extremists in England. The Roar Party is the Only Party that will deal with these threats by coming out of The European Court of Human Rights, establishing our own Human Rights legislation , we will deport the people that are actively trying to attack our society. The 2,000 activists on The Secret Services watch list will be deported, why should we put up with these people that are actively plotting against us and trying to change our society. It is time we banned the Burqa like France we don't want these people making these political statements here.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Hypocritical French

70 years on The French are making a big deal over celebrating their liberation, they are so grateful that just up the coast they are encouraging illegal European migrants to jump on the back of British lorries. That's what you call gratitude. They are also going ahead supplying arms to Russia after all you can't expect The French to turn their backs on a 1.2 billion Euro contract can you, even if the Russians are attempting to do to Ukraine what the Germans did to them. Viva The French.

The Longest Day 70 years on.

The Roar Party would like to remember all those that took part in the landings 70 years ago, especially those that paid the ultimate sacrifice. But what would those that died then, think about us being run by The Germans now. We need a vote on Europe now not in some date in the future, that the politicians know they have no intention of giving us. Stop lying to us over Europe it has gone far enough. My Grandfather, my Father, my Uncles that all fought  in the last war would be turning in their graves to know The Germans are now in charge. The Roar Party will give you a vote on Europe, on Immigration and on all other important issues, with Reality Politics, The Roar Party stands for referendum and reform, or maybe it should be Revolution, because The Government has no intention of letting The British People a vote on this issue.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Illegal Immigrants.

Channel 5's documentary last night revealed how we are being let down by our Government, The UK Border Agency, and one of our partners in the EU "The French". To many illegal immigrants are making it across our borders, we need a return to The Organized Customs we had, The UK Border Agency are obviously not up to the task. Once again we are being betrayed by our Government who are simply not doing enough to stop these illegals coming in. And what do we say about our French "Partners " in Europe who allow all these Afghans, Iraq's and other illegal immigrants to the EU, to simply put up camp on French soil, they should be rounded up and deported, once again our European "Partners" show they are simply not interested because they are not ending up in France. The Asylum agents who are getting 100's of asylum seekers with the same documentation, we heard of one last nighyt who had got thousands of asylum seekers the right to stay here, and who was subsequently caught and given 7 years, and I know of another that was arranging sham marriages to Bulgarian criminals, these people that had arranged visas should all be deported as well as the criminals being convicted. We should investigate all marriages by EU citizens in this country because I have heard of 100's of arranged sham marriages by Polish people often with charges of 10 or 20,000 pounds. And how do people with overstayed visas carry on working here paying tax and NI, surely the Home Office could tie this two simple things together,  === overstayed visa = national insurance number. The Government are failing in their primary purpose to protect its people  and as proved in The Recent  Euro Election they have only 28% share of the 36 % that voted, resign NOW !!!!!!!!.
The Roar Party will stop immigration immediately and give you a vote in immigration and Europe.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Would you like a vote on Hanging ?

A huge proportion of the British public would vote for a return to Hanging. The Roar Party is the only party that would give you a vote on important issues like this. Give the people real democracy with Reality Politics.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Reality Politices.

Would you like a vote on all important issues with e-voting ? Make Parliament a debating Chamber and let the people decide on important issues. Let the people reconnect with Politics. The Roar Party ( ) is the only party that will promise to do this with Reality Politics..

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg was pictured yesterday getting into a BMW, on top of all his other troubles he hasn't even the intelligence to promote British built vehicles. I never really thought much of John Prescott either as deputy PM, but at least he promoted his Jaguars. Incidentally I remember David Cameron coming out of a Polling station and getting into a Lexus, what really is up with these people they are spending our money on promoting foreign vehicles. Come on back British Industry.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Liars, Liars,Liars

Liars Liars pants on fire.  The people have spoken. The Government should resign or give us a vote on Europe NOW, not in 2017. After years of lying to us over Europe The People have shown The Government what they think. The People are fed up and disillusioned. The Government has only a quarter of the electorate supporting them, and that's only a quarter of the 36 % that voted. How can you continue Mr Cameron after being wiped out like that, how can you sleep at night when you know you are so far apart from what The People want. Give us a vote on Europe NOW or ==>> RESIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Listen, Respond and Deliver

Listen, Respond and Deliver, George Osbournes latest offering. The initials LRD are to close to the initial from the last war LDV (Local Defense Volunteers ) quickly changed to Look, Duck and Vanish.  Fast forward to the results from The European Election later today, and George Osbournes mantra could be changed to Look, Run and Disappear. The thing is politicians up to now haven't been listening to the People at all, they have been lying to us over Europe for 40 years , even more recently George Brown, Tony Blair, David Cameron have lied to us over a vote on Europe. 36% turnout in the local elections on Thursday is a result of this,  People are completely disillusioned and fed up with Politicians who won't tell us the truth and blatantly lie. The Roar Party ( ) are the only party that will stop this, they will offer e-voting on important issues so Parliament will become more of a debating chamber and let the People decide on important issues themselves, so it won't matter how much the politicians LIE prior to election, The People will get their say with Reality Politics.

Friday, 23 May 2014

The Political Pattern is changing.

The leaders of the big parties still don't get it, do they ?  After lying to us for years over a vote on Europe they are reaping their reward. Gordon Brown lied to us, Tony Blair lied to us, David Cameron lied to us, Nick Clegg doesn't even get anywhere near to what the average hard working man thinks. Result a 38% turnout,  people are disillusioned and fed up with Politicians   who have lied to us time and time again. The Roar Party will give you e-voting on all important issues, we want people to get reconnected to politics with Reality Politics.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Polling station opening hours

I caught the 21.10 train out off London tonight and to my surprise the train was packed, unfortunately I got home to late to vote, along with I would think a large proportion of my fellow travellers. The Roar Party has the answer we will introduce high speed internet to every home in Britain and we will introduce e-voting, everyone eligible to vote will either be able to vote by phone or e-mail. This will apply not only on the big elections but we will introduce e-voting on all important issues. Reality Politics will rule.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

RACIST !!!!!!

The Labour Party are accusing UKIP's latest campaign as Racist. I'm sorry but this weapon they have been using against us to stop us talking about Immigration, is no longer valid. People are now talking about Immigration in a way I have never heard before. You can't beat us with The Racist Stick any more, if its Racist to talk about The Overwhelming Tsunami of Immigration that is going to overwhelm The Briton we know, then every one I talk to is Racist. The Briton I once knew is disappearing under this flood of Immigration.
The Roar Party is the only party that will stop Immigration until we get our population stabilized. Of course this will only be done with the authority of the people, The Roar Party is dedicated to giving the people votes on all important issues, with Reality Politics.

Monday, 21 April 2014

'Significant' weapons cache found in Bearsden

Ak 47's found in an arms cache, and in a separate action an automatic weapon capable of firing 850 rounds of ammo a minute. The people that have these arms cache's are conducting a war on British streets and The Roar Party is the only party that is putting constructive ideas on how to fight this war. We will have an amnesty on arms for six months and after that we will declare martial law and any one found carrying an illegal firearm will be take to a place of execution and shot at dawn the following morning. Of course this, like all the ideas put forward by The Roar Party  will be voted on democratically by The People. The Roar Party stands for Referendum and Reform, we want to change the face of British Politics and put The People  in The Driving Seat with Reality Politics. 

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Have you MUG printed on your forehead ?

 I have been listening to LBC today, it is surprising what this throws up. One single white guy who had fallen on hard times approached his local council for housing,  he was told they couldn't help him . one of the reasons was that they had been told by central government that 30% of their housing stock had to be assigned to immigrants....... MUGS

The next bit of news concerned Maria Miller and her resignation and her being replaced in the CABINET by a Muslim   !!!!!.......MUGS

80% of the property sold  in London at the moment is being bought by foreign nationals, Russian, Chinese, Hong Kong nationals, this is forcing up prices so much it is forcing Londoners out........MUGS.

After The Government promised us immigration in the tens of thousands we have found out immigration in the hundreds of thousands hasn't even been recorded, no record of who is in the country, no criminal record checks, no health checks, a Romanian man arrested had already been deported 3 times, our borders are a joke, they are like a colander full of holes. The Government are failing in their No 1 priority to protect its citizens, this is so bad they should resign.......MUGS

A Gunman convicted of manslaughter after a case involving a machine gun, and a victim shot 11 times, the only party that has any policy on these Gun Crimes is The Roar Party.

The British Public have got used to e-voting on programmes like, Get me out of here, The Jungle, X-Factor, so why not have e-voting on these important issues, like The EU, Immigration, Education, The National Health, University Grants, Gun Crime. Parliament would become a debating chamber with The People having e-voting on important issues, Reality Politics will come.

Thursday, 3 April 2014


There was a guy on LBC yesterday who seemed to know what he was doing, and he was running the numbers concerning the population of the UK. He made it about 80 million and that is what it feels like to me. Nigel Farage is right I often feel like i'm an alien in my own country. We are living in an infrastructure designed for 60 million and as everyone knows we are bursting at the seams in every department. On top of that we are letting in so many immigrants  from Europe that they are going to radically affect our voting on Europe. Already they have infiltrated 30% of our voting numbers, that's why they won't let us have a vote on Europe yet, they want to let so many in, we will never be able to vote us Out, something 78% of the population want. The Government just aren't doing their No 1 priority protecting its people. Mr Cameron and your lackey should resign.

Monday, 24 March 2014


Would you like a Government that took real action against the Gun Crime. ? One idea The Roar Party would consider is to have a 6 month amnesty for for illegal weapons and followed by  6 month martial law when anyone caught carrying an illegal weapon would be taken to a place of execution and shot at dawn the next morning. But as with all ideas from The Roar  Party you would have a vote  on the decisions to be taken. Reality Politics would come into force,  real democracy with the people getting a vote on all important issues.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Crimea vote

97% of people vote to return to Russia after vote in Crimea. This is hardly surprising after Russia moved so many people into Crimea. Is there a direct correlation here with no one giving a vote to the British people while The EU moves more and more people into Britain. Wake up people before its to late, already people from 28 countries are allowed to vote in what used to be your elections.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Democracy is nothing without TRUTH #Tony Benn

If Democracy is nothing without TRUTH. How come so many politicians lie to us over Europe. Tony Blair promised us a vote on Europe, LIAR. Gordon Brown promised us a vote on Europe, Liar. David Cameron promised us a vote on Europe, LIAR. So where is Democracy in Britain without TRUTH. The Roar Party is the only party that will bring real Democracy to Britain with "Reality Politics", The People voting on Europe, Immigration and other important issues with e-voting.

Tony Benn

I always considered him so dangerous because he was so persuasive. He once said  The World is a better place with Democracy. The Roar Party is one of the only parties which will give you real Democracy through "Reality Politics " , the ability of The People to vote on all important issues through e-voting.

Friday, 7 March 2014

David Cameron supporting German Jobs

David Cameron attends The council of Europe meeting on Ukraine, just after getting out of his Mercedes saloon. I have written a number of time about this The Government spending our money on German jobs.
The Roar Party will not spend hard earned tax payers money on German jobs but will specify goods made in Britain, after all when you go to France and Germany you don't see their governments spending their money on English products and English jobs. Also we will become like Switzerland and other countries specifying that companies operating in England will have to be 60 % owned by British Nationals. Likewise the property market London is being overrun by foreigners buying up property, we will specify that property can only be owned by British Nationals.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Prince Harry

Big Up for Prince Harry launching The Invictus Games, don't usually have much time for The Royals but on this occasion I reckon he is closer to The People than any of the current politicians.

Cable and Clegg

How can two people have opinions so far from the working man in England. Mr Cable we don't want any more immigration, all of our infrastructure designed for 60 million people has been overwhelmed by the 10 million immigrants. Mr Clegg the ordinary man in the street doesn't want The EU, we fought two world wars not to be ruled by the Germans. Lets have real democracy with referendums on important issues.  What do I hear The Liberal Leftist Elite saying WHAT let the ordinary people have a vote on their future, they won't have the faintest idea what's good for them.. Oh yea so you have made such a good job of it ?

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


How can Nick Clegg be so divorced from the man in the street, Nigel Farage is going to win hands down because he has Public Opinion behind him. But don't forget The Roar Party is The Only Party that will give you a vote on Europe at the earliest opportunity.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Another Murderer gets whole life and laughs.

Another murderer, convicted of three murders laughs as she is taken down to the cells. Yet another reason to give you The People a vote on bringing back hanging. The Roar Party is the only party that will give you a vote on this, and on a lot of other important issues. Do away with The Government who make promises in their Manifesto and then when they get in turn their back on you The People. The Roar Party will give you votes on important issues ( ) will do away with the to and fro of party politics, and give you real democracy (Reality Politics ).

Muslim children taken away.

The Government having betrayed the British People and allowed unlimited immigration from The Muslim States, A culture that is so alien to ours that it its impossible to have a degree of integration. And now they want to alter our society, I was talking to a young lady who had been approached by a Muslim Sharia Patrol in East London and she was told she couldn't wear shorts and be in their part of East London, she is now extremely nervous about visiting this part of London, indeed I was walking home from my daughters in Leyton and passed a Sharia Law Centre, they really have no respect for us and want to impose their laws here.  Even the Government are recognising that their idea of Multiculturalism is breaking down and want to take the children from these extremists people. Having lived with a Muslim woman for a year, I have found the huge differences in our cultures and you have only to scratch the surface of A moderate Muslim to see what they think of us "BLOODY ENGLISH".

Friday, 28 February 2014

Immigration reaches 1,000% of David Camerons promise. Immigrants go HOME.

Immigration once again hits Hundreds of Thousands instead of the promises we have had from The Government. Sounds like The Labour Parties promises all over again, The Government once again fails in its primary purpose to protect its citizens, we are still being swamped by a Tsunami of Immigration. The Government should resign thet are just not standing up to their promises. Vince Cable is all for it saying its good for Britain,  it doesn't matter if its good or bad, The British People are just overwhelmed by it, and Vince Cable obviously hasn't ever been in a public bar and talked to some ordinary people about this subject, no one I have ever spoken to in the pub has wanted this immigration. The Roar Party is The Only Party that will give you a vote on Europe, and if you vote NO, we will ask the European immigrants to go home. We didn't ask them to come here but we will ask them to go home.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Angela Merkel in London to address Parliament at start of UK visit

Our leader (The Fuhrer ) comes to London to address her Parliament and talks about democracy.  Democracy ? how can she talk about democracy when 80 % of The British People want a vote on Europe. After addressing her Parliament she is going to visit our Sovereign well she used to be our Sovereign before, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown signed away our Sovereignty, so what does that make The Queen now ?  Just another subject of The German Superstate.
We want The Democracy that Angela Merkel is talking about we want a vote on Europe, not in some vacuous and future time, but now !!!!
The Roar Party is the only Party that will give you a vote on Europe. Not only on Europe but on all important issues, Immigration, Education, Health, Armed Services, Crime, Hunting, Benefits.


#Allahu Akbar #Bringbackhanging

I couldn't write about this last night my thoughts were in to much of a turmoil. These two animals who killed Lee Rigby were fighting The Guards and spitting out words of defiance to the Judge. Now these two have to be looked after by Prison Guards for the rest of their life, The Prison Officers  are going to have to watch their backs all the time, and what if there are Army guys in Prison with the prisoners. Society owes it to the people that have to be looking after them, to put them in a place where they are beyond butchering anyone else. This most be one of the most powerful reasons to Bring Back Hanging. The last time there was a survey on this nearly 80%  of the People voted to bring back hanging. This is yet another example of the government not listening to the People.  They are failing once again in their primary purpose, to protect their People. The Roar Party is the only Party ( ) that promises to give you the People a vote on this and other important issues. 

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Public Toilets.

Have you noticed that when you use Public Toilets, that they are often not flushed. In the last couple of years this practice seems to be increasing, could this be due to the increase of Immigration. Not only is there a huge cultural difference in a lot of the immigrants, but they seem to lack even the basics of cleanliness. I was right behind Joanna Lumleys campaign to allow The Nepalese to settle her but I was speaking to someone at The Weekend who told me that they are even worse, they don't even bother to use The Public Toilets but just relieve themselves on the streets. Perhaps we should include general manners of hygiene in The English Test.

Mortality Rates up.

The cut backs on Nursing are causing an increase in Mortality Rates. Surprise Surprise.  So in the next couple of years will we hear an increase in Mortality Rates due to fewer Fireman, and an increase in The Mortality Rates on the street due to a cutback in Police. Every one except The Government seems to get this. Their primary duty is to protect their citizens something they are sadly lacking.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

#cleggvfarage part2

I bet David Cameron is furious with Clegg for unleashing the Dragon that is Nigel Farage. Having thrown down the gauntlet to Nick Clegg, Nigel has immediately thrown it back to David Cameron and Ed Milipede (sic don't you just hate predictive text) mind you having that many feet is excellent for running away, and they are running away, they are so frightened of the English people voting against the federal german superstate.

Friday, 21 February 2014


One of the callers to LBC this morning summed up what the electorate think of The British Politicians, he said that he would only watched the debate if Nick Clegg was connected to a lie detector. What a brilliant idea because they have proved they will lie to the electorate at any opportunity. Take these examples Tony Blair over Iraq. Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron have all promised a vote on the EU,. they were all lying, even David Cameron is carrying on the lie with a vacuous promise IF he wins the next election. Mr Cameron come clean  you promised us a vote lets have it now, not in some future time that will never come. will give you a vote not only on that but on all important decisions, lets have real democracy with the people getting e-voting, Reality Politics. People like The Speaker John Bercow, even Simon Cowell think this is a good idea lets get people involved in democracy, The People have had enough of Politicians lying to them.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Ukraine and Syria what happens when Governments don't listen to the people.

So Nick Clegg ( 23% his share in the last election ) wants a debate with Nigel Farage who is talking for the people ( 78% want a vote on Europe ).  Nick Clegg is quoted as saying "As the leader of the party thats in " , "Being in Europe means being in work", the last time I saw Nick Clegg getting in vehicle it was foreign, so you can see he supports British Workers, even The Prime Minister turned up to Vote in The Last Election in a Lexus. So you can see how they both support the British Work Force. In the Riots  nearly every vehicle I saw on television was made in Germany, so the Government takes our hard earned tax money and spends it on  German jobs. The Government rolled over and let Ford take The Transit factory to Turkey, probably on a EU directive. Nick Clegg is only there because he abandoned his principles and clung to the shirt tails of David Cameron.
The President of Europe Mr Barroso wants  Political Parties like UKIP and The Roar Party who want a vote on Europe BANNED. What next will. Will The Cattle Trucks start arriving in London to round up The Opposition to Europe, The Germans were doing this in my lifetime shipping people to camps in cattle trucks.
My Father and Grandfather and all the other members of my family who fought against Germany in The Last War would be turning over in their graves to know that we are being ruled now by The Old Enemy.
The Government is not listening to The People we want a vote on Europe what are they so frightened off, I can tell you the answer because they know we will VOTE NO!!!!!!!!!
We have had a Tsunami of Immigration that has swamped us, we have Multiculturalism forced on us and if anyone dared to say anything against this the Government used the big stick branded with Racist against us.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


It would have been interesting to see where the debate would have gone if you had an audience weighted with English people last night, rather than weighted with Immigrants. Just goes to show we are in the minority now, we have been betrayed by successive Governments. People from 28 countries are now allowed to vote in our Elections, if we don't have a vote soon we are going to be outnumbered, maybe this is The EU's plan. www.theroarparty will give you a vote on Europe.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Deportation of Criminals

Once again The Human Rights Act protects Criminals rather than the English People.  Murderers, Rapists are being allowed to appeal against deportation and Judges are allowing  these appeals. A vast majority of the British people want immigration stopped now, they also want a vote on The EU.  Why are The Government so frightened to allow us a vote. The Government are failing in their prime purpose here to protect its people, they are unfit for purpose and should resign. The Roar Party will give you a vote on the EU as soon as possible not some vacuous date in the future.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Illegal immigrants working here.

As I understood it, if an illegal immigrant was caught working here , there could be a fine of up to £20,000.00 to the employer, of course that depends on who the employer is, for instance if it's an MP does he get fined ? And what happens to the Immigrant do they then get deported ? The thing is these immigrants pay PAYE they have a National Insurance number , they get free National Health treatment , they have a National Health number. So the Home Office knows the name and has the finger prints of all the immigrants that have overstayed their visas. Surely it doesn't take to much to flag up the people that shouldn't be in the country, they know where they are working because they are paying PAYE, and if they aren't working sooner or later they are going to need health treatment. Once again the people of Britain are being betrayed by The Government who just don't seem to be doing their job. They aren't fit for purpose.

Friday, 31 January 2014

Vunerable Syrians.

Do we really need to have Vulnerable Syrian Refugees here. These people who have been suffering horrible abuses from their fellow countrymen, rape, torture, imprisonment are probably going to have severe health and mental health problems for the rest of their lives, will bringing them to an alien culture something so different to their way of life and culture really help them. Especially as we are not treating our own mental health patients properly, we have closed so many mental health institutions in the last few years and are trying to help these people in the community, how many mental health patients have killed and attacked people since these ideas started. At Christmas in the Tube there was an advert saying 80,000 children in The UK would be without proper shelter, so we are ignoring the people who need help in this country and exasperating the problems by importing damaged individuals from culture so alien to ours. As an example these people don't sort out their differences on a cricket pitch on a Sunday afternoon. There are  snipers in Syria who are targeting pregnant women and shooting them in the stomach, these people are animals,  how completely alien is this to our way of life.. David Cameron has pledged 600 million to help these people they should be helped nearer to their own country in a culture that is more akin to theirs.

EU Bill Blocked by Lords.

So all of David Camerons promises to give us a vote on Europe have been blocked by The Lords.
The Governments no one priority is to protect its people, so why have they buckled under EU pressure and are stopping us from getting a vote on The EU. What sort of pressure is being applied from Europe to stop us getting the vote something The Traitors Blair and Brown and Now Cameron promised to do. Perhaps they have been told by our Master Race The Germans that they will be put on the cattle trucks awaiting and taken off to a camp somewhere. You might laugh at this but The Germans were doing this in my lifetime.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Deportation of Criminals.

Once again The Government are failing in their No 1 purpose to protect us,  the people of The UK. How about some Human Rights for The English all the European Human Rights does is protect the Criminals.  The Government should resign they just aren't doing their job.