Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Isle of Man

I was talking to someone last week at The Tour De France, and he had a lot to do with The Isle of Man. He explained that they do not have the immigration problem there that we have in Britain, they have only 2% unemployment, one of reasons for this is jobs have to be offered to Manx residents first, then can only be offered  to immigrants if no genuine Manx people are suitable or can be found. No immigrants can claim benefits until they have paid into the system for five years. There is very little crime in The Island.

We could adopt a lot of these ideas in Britain, no immigrants to claim benefits until they have paid in for five years. All immigrants to be health screened and Criminal checks carried out, as In Australia and New Zealand. A vote on Europe and if we vote to come out, ask The European immigrants to go home, after all The British People never asked to be in Europe or ask for such high levels of immigration. Property in England to be only purchased by British residents, Londoners are being priced out of their capital by foreign investment, our capital should be for us to live in not for foreign investors to make money. Companies operating in England to be owned 65% by British Nationals, this would stop the huge multinational companies operating here and not paying their rightful taxation. We could apply this to football teams as well 65% of a clubs squad should be British citizens, perhaps this would help in The World and European competitions, also British teams could only be managed by British citizens. All national  utilities would have to nationalised or have the 65% rule applied to them, we want to keep the profits from utilities to stay in England.

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