Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Immigrants can only claim benefits for 3 months.

You are kidding right, immigration is continuing to go up. We should have a system like The Isle of Man no benefits until you have paid into the system for 5 years. This should be the same for The NHS, this is falling apart the same as all our infrastructures, our country has an  infrastructure built fOr 60 million people and there are now 80 million, even that is a guess because the government doesn't even know, or won't tell us the truth. The Governments No 1 priority should be protecting its people, Ha don't make me laugh. I don't think they even care, at the moment they are trying to cover their backs, over the biggest scandal of child ABUSE YOU CAN IMAGINE. !!!!!!!!!!

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WhiteAlien said...

I like that idea, work first before receiving benefits.