Wednesday, 1 April 2009


I came back from France yesterday and Gatwick was chaos, BAA hadn't got their organisation in gear and there was probably a couple of thousand people in the arrival hall. Now you know the English they put up with a lot but even so a couple of thousand people that have just got off their plane after a happy holiday and then they have to queue for ages. People started to get discontented but at the the front of the queue behind the immigration desks were three heavily armed terrorist police, now I think they were put there to quieten the queue down and certainly I felt badly intimidated, now this is in an area where they were uk passport holders arriving home after having gone through security before they have got on their various planes. I ask you why do they need terrorist police in this situation ? I regard this as intrusive and intimidating what is going on.

Today there are people protesting in LONDON and is this surprising after the government have been lying to us for so long. Gordon Brown promised a referendum on Europe, The Labour Party in their manifesto promised us a referendum on Europe ( and when they were taken to court over this they admitted their manifesto meant nothing ), the government lied to us over Iraq despite huge protests. Even over things like The Dartford Tunnel the government said when it was paid for they would make it free, now its paid for, and even worse they have sold it to a french company ( I wonder who got the payback on this one ), its like an african government corrupt at its core.

Now we have the depression but The Roar Party has the answer, lets get out of Europe, bring the Army back secure our borders, kick out the immigrants, we can't afford them sponging off us any more. Lets put Britian back to work, regain our fisheries, the World is going to run short of food by 2020 lets put our farmers back to work to help this world shortage. Lets start building ships, warships and trawlers, regain our manufacturing base. Stipulate any vehicles used by state organisations have to be built by British companies, after all we are paying for them with our taxes lets make sure they provide British wages. Make all companies operating in Britain have 60% British ownership, like the swiss model.

But above all we will have Reality Politics let the people vote on Important issues, we are sick and tired of the lying politicians, saying one thing and doing another. Let Parliament become a debating chamber and let the people decide.