Friday, 23 December 2016

Putins annual press conference.

Putins Press Conference.

It would be better not to have a press conference than hold one and stand in front of the world and lie. Watch his eyes as he answers the question of State Sponsored Doping.

The roar party will tell the people the TRUTH, and will give them real democracy with e-voting.

The Prison Service is in Crisis.

The Prison Service is in Crisis.

The riots in the last few days have shown us, what is happening in all our public services. Less and less investment, more and more staff cut backs until it is all  falling apart. The Roar Party has an answer to this all Refugees, immigrants, illegal immigrants that are in jail to be immediately deported, all the people that are on the secret services watch list and are not nationals to be deported immediately. Beef up our borders, bring back our Customs Service so that we have less illegals crossing our borders, especially in view of the attacks in Europe, and elsewhere. Bring back The Prison Service under public ownership, what is happening at the moment privatised prisons who are interested in money and not in rehabilitation. G4s have carried out billions of pounds of Government work and not paid capital gains tax, we need to follow the money and find out who is earning from these privatisations, who in Government is on the receiving payouts or share dealings with these contracts.
This is a symptom of a Government that don't care about their people, there has been more and more immigration, and what has been the answer to a Government that has  a population that has grown  by 10, 20 or 30%,  less and less investment in public services, less police, less border guards, less teachers, less fire service, less doctors, less nurses, less A@E and hospitals, you name it, there  have been cutbacks everywhere, this is just unacceptable.
All refugees, immigrants that have come here in the last 5 years and have never worked to be deported. We are not a benefits society for the whole world.
Of course these ideas will be put to the people and voted on electronically, democracy for the people.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Marine A

We send our lads out to do the  most hazardous actions in the most inhospitable conditions among an enemy that shows no mercy, and how do we treat them when they return, judges in ivory towers who have no experience of patrolling in Afghanistan, who have never seen their mates blown to pieces so badly their entrails hang from trees. Show them no mercy, if we are going to judge our lads coming back from these horrors should be judged by someone who has experienced this, who has felt the pain, better to be judged by a military tribunal than a civil judge.