Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Election Results

With the election results all in and Labour licking its wounds, the party stewarts are trotting out their usual excuses. I can tell you why they lost because of the important issues on peoples minds, IMMIGRATION, CRIME, EUROPE. We need to come out of Europe and ask all the Eastern Europeans to go back where they come from, I was talking to a police sergeant from East London on Saturday and he was telling me that 8 oout of 10 people they have pulled into the station can't speak English, and they are mainly Eastern Europeans. Before George Brown came into power he said that he would have a referendum on Europe and what was one of the first things he did ? He signed what is virtually the new European Constitution, he did this without any mandate from the people. How we can still pour Billions into Europe when they haven't even agreed their accounts for how long ? is it 13 years, beats me. You can’t believe what the man says, is it any wonder the people have rejected him so decisively ?