Friday, 28 February 2014

Immigration reaches 1,000% of David Camerons promise. Immigrants go HOME.

Immigration once again hits Hundreds of Thousands instead of the promises we have had from The Government. Sounds like The Labour Parties promises all over again, The Government once again fails in its primary purpose to protect its citizens, we are still being swamped by a Tsunami of Immigration. The Government should resign thet are just not standing up to their promises. Vince Cable is all for it saying its good for Britain,  it doesn't matter if its good or bad, The British People are just overwhelmed by it, and Vince Cable obviously hasn't ever been in a public bar and talked to some ordinary people about this subject, no one I have ever spoken to in the pub has wanted this immigration. The Roar Party is The Only Party that will give you a vote on Europe, and if you vote NO, we will ask the European immigrants to go home. We didn't ask them to come here but we will ask them to go home.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Angela Merkel in London to address Parliament at start of UK visit

Our leader (The Fuhrer ) comes to London to address her Parliament and talks about democracy.  Democracy ? how can she talk about democracy when 80 % of The British People want a vote on Europe. After addressing her Parliament she is going to visit our Sovereign well she used to be our Sovereign before, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown signed away our Sovereignty, so what does that make The Queen now ?  Just another subject of The German Superstate.
We want The Democracy that Angela Merkel is talking about we want a vote on Europe, not in some vacuous and future time, but now !!!!
The Roar Party is the only Party that will give you a vote on Europe. Not only on Europe but on all important issues, Immigration, Education, Health, Armed Services, Crime, Hunting, Benefits.


#Allahu Akbar #Bringbackhanging

I couldn't write about this last night my thoughts were in to much of a turmoil. These two animals who killed Lee Rigby were fighting The Guards and spitting out words of defiance to the Judge. Now these two have to be looked after by Prison Guards for the rest of their life, The Prison Officers  are going to have to watch their backs all the time, and what if there are Army guys in Prison with the prisoners. Society owes it to the people that have to be looking after them, to put them in a place where they are beyond butchering anyone else. This most be one of the most powerful reasons to Bring Back Hanging. The last time there was a survey on this nearly 80%  of the People voted to bring back hanging. This is yet another example of the government not listening to the People.  They are failing once again in their primary purpose, to protect their People. The Roar Party is the only Party ( ) that promises to give you the People a vote on this and other important issues. 

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Public Toilets.

Have you noticed that when you use Public Toilets, that they are often not flushed. In the last couple of years this practice seems to be increasing, could this be due to the increase of Immigration. Not only is there a huge cultural difference in a lot of the immigrants, but they seem to lack even the basics of cleanliness. I was right behind Joanna Lumleys campaign to allow The Nepalese to settle her but I was speaking to someone at The Weekend who told me that they are even worse, they don't even bother to use The Public Toilets but just relieve themselves on the streets. Perhaps we should include general manners of hygiene in The English Test.

Mortality Rates up.

The cut backs on Nursing are causing an increase in Mortality Rates. Surprise Surprise.  So in the next couple of years will we hear an increase in Mortality Rates due to fewer Fireman, and an increase in The Mortality Rates on the street due to a cutback in Police. Every one except The Government seems to get this. Their primary duty is to protect their citizens something they are sadly lacking.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

#cleggvfarage part2

I bet David Cameron is furious with Clegg for unleashing the Dragon that is Nigel Farage. Having thrown down the gauntlet to Nick Clegg, Nigel has immediately thrown it back to David Cameron and Ed Milipede (sic don't you just hate predictive text) mind you having that many feet is excellent for running away, and they are running away, they are so frightened of the English people voting against the federal german superstate.

Friday, 21 February 2014


One of the callers to LBC this morning summed up what the electorate think of The British Politicians, he said that he would only watched the debate if Nick Clegg was connected to a lie detector. What a brilliant idea because they have proved they will lie to the electorate at any opportunity. Take these examples Tony Blair over Iraq. Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron have all promised a vote on the EU,. they were all lying, even David Cameron is carrying on the lie with a vacuous promise IF he wins the next election. Mr Cameron come clean  you promised us a vote lets have it now, not in some future time that will never come. will give you a vote not only on that but on all important decisions, lets have real democracy with the people getting e-voting, Reality Politics. People like The Speaker John Bercow, even Simon Cowell think this is a good idea lets get people involved in democracy, The People have had enough of Politicians lying to them.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Ukraine and Syria what happens when Governments don't listen to the people.

So Nick Clegg ( 23% his share in the last election ) wants a debate with Nigel Farage who is talking for the people ( 78% want a vote on Europe ).  Nick Clegg is quoted as saying "As the leader of the party thats in " , "Being in Europe means being in work", the last time I saw Nick Clegg getting in vehicle it was foreign, so you can see he supports British Workers, even The Prime Minister turned up to Vote in The Last Election in a Lexus. So you can see how they both support the British Work Force. In the Riots  nearly every vehicle I saw on television was made in Germany, so the Government takes our hard earned tax money and spends it on  German jobs. The Government rolled over and let Ford take The Transit factory to Turkey, probably on a EU directive. Nick Clegg is only there because he abandoned his principles and clung to the shirt tails of David Cameron.
The President of Europe Mr Barroso wants  Political Parties like UKIP and The Roar Party who want a vote on Europe BANNED. What next will. Will The Cattle Trucks start arriving in London to round up The Opposition to Europe, The Germans were doing this in my lifetime shipping people to camps in cattle trucks.
My Father and Grandfather and all the other members of my family who fought against Germany in The Last War would be turning over in their graves to know that we are being ruled now by The Old Enemy.
The Government is not listening to The People we want a vote on Europe what are they so frightened off, I can tell you the answer because they know we will VOTE NO!!!!!!!!!
We have had a Tsunami of Immigration that has swamped us, we have Multiculturalism forced on us and if anyone dared to say anything against this the Government used the big stick branded with Racist against us.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


It would have been interesting to see where the debate would have gone if you had an audience weighted with English people last night, rather than weighted with Immigrants. Just goes to show we are in the minority now, we have been betrayed by successive Governments. People from 28 countries are now allowed to vote in our Elections, if we don't have a vote soon we are going to be outnumbered, maybe this is The EU's plan. www.theroarparty will give you a vote on Europe.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Deportation of Criminals

Once again The Human Rights Act protects Criminals rather than the English People.  Murderers, Rapists are being allowed to appeal against deportation and Judges are allowing  these appeals. A vast majority of the British people want immigration stopped now, they also want a vote on The EU.  Why are The Government so frightened to allow us a vote. The Government are failing in their prime purpose here to protect its people, they are unfit for purpose and should resign. The Roar Party will give you a vote on the EU as soon as possible not some vacuous date in the future.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Illegal immigrants working here.

As I understood it, if an illegal immigrant was caught working here , there could be a fine of up to £20,000.00 to the employer, of course that depends on who the employer is, for instance if it's an MP does he get fined ? And what happens to the Immigrant do they then get deported ? The thing is these immigrants pay PAYE they have a National Insurance number , they get free National Health treatment , they have a National Health number. So the Home Office knows the name and has the finger prints of all the immigrants that have overstayed their visas. Surely it doesn't take to much to flag up the people that shouldn't be in the country, they know where they are working because they are paying PAYE, and if they aren't working sooner or later they are going to need health treatment. Once again the people of Britain are being betrayed by The Government who just don't seem to be doing their job. They aren't fit for purpose.