Friday, 21 February 2014


One of the callers to LBC this morning summed up what the electorate think of The British Politicians, he said that he would only watched the debate if Nick Clegg was connected to a lie detector. What a brilliant idea because they have proved they will lie to the electorate at any opportunity. Take these examples Tony Blair over Iraq. Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron have all promised a vote on the EU,. they were all lying, even David Cameron is carrying on the lie with a vacuous promise IF he wins the next election. Mr Cameron come clean  you promised us a vote lets have it now, not in some future time that will never come. will give you a vote not only on that but on all important decisions, lets have real democracy with the people getting e-voting, Reality Politics. People like The Speaker John Bercow, even Simon Cowell think this is a good idea lets get people involved in democracy, The People have had enough of Politicians lying to them.

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