Friday, 28 February 2014

Immigration reaches 1,000% of David Camerons promise. Immigrants go HOME.

Immigration once again hits Hundreds of Thousands instead of the promises we have had from The Government. Sounds like The Labour Parties promises all over again, The Government once again fails in its primary purpose to protect its citizens, we are still being swamped by a Tsunami of Immigration. The Government should resign thet are just not standing up to their promises. Vince Cable is all for it saying its good for Britain,  it doesn't matter if its good or bad, The British People are just overwhelmed by it, and Vince Cable obviously hasn't ever been in a public bar and talked to some ordinary people about this subject, no one I have ever spoken to in the pub has wanted this immigration. The Roar Party is The Only Party that will give you a vote on Europe, and if you vote NO, we will ask the European immigrants to go home. We didn't ask them to come here but we will ask them to go home.

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