Thursday, 27 February 2014

#Allahu Akbar #Bringbackhanging

I couldn't write about this last night my thoughts were in to much of a turmoil. These two animals who killed Lee Rigby were fighting The Guards and spitting out words of defiance to the Judge. Now these two have to be looked after by Prison Guards for the rest of their life, The Prison Officers  are going to have to watch their backs all the time, and what if there are Army guys in Prison with the prisoners. Society owes it to the people that have to be looking after them, to put them in a place where they are beyond butchering anyone else. This most be one of the most powerful reasons to Bring Back Hanging. The last time there was a survey on this nearly 80%  of the People voted to bring back hanging. This is yet another example of the government not listening to the People.  They are failing once again in their primary purpose, to protect their People. The Roar Party is the only Party ( ) that promises to give you the People a vote on this and other important issues. 

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