Thursday, 27 February 2014

Angela Merkel in London to address Parliament at start of UK visit

Our leader (The Fuhrer ) comes to London to address her Parliament and talks about democracy.  Democracy ? how can she talk about democracy when 80 % of The British People want a vote on Europe. After addressing her Parliament she is going to visit our Sovereign well she used to be our Sovereign before, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown signed away our Sovereignty, so what does that make The Queen now ?  Just another subject of The German Superstate.
We want The Democracy that Angela Merkel is talking about we want a vote on Europe, not in some vacuous and future time, but now !!!!
The Roar Party is the only Party that will give you a vote on Europe. Not only on Europe but on all important issues, Immigration, Education, Health, Armed Services, Crime, Hunting, Benefits.


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