Monday, 24 March 2014


Would you like a Government that took real action against the Gun Crime. ? One idea The Roar Party would consider is to have a 6 month amnesty for for illegal weapons and followed by  6 month martial law when anyone caught carrying an illegal weapon would be taken to a place of execution and shot at dawn the next morning. But as with all ideas from The Roar  Party you would have a vote  on the decisions to be taken. Reality Politics would come into force,  real democracy with the people getting a vote on all important issues.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Crimea vote

97% of people vote to return to Russia after vote in Crimea. This is hardly surprising after Russia moved so many people into Crimea. Is there a direct correlation here with no one giving a vote to the British people while The EU moves more and more people into Britain. Wake up people before its to late, already people from 28 countries are allowed to vote in what used to be your elections.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Democracy is nothing without TRUTH #Tony Benn

If Democracy is nothing without TRUTH. How come so many politicians lie to us over Europe. Tony Blair promised us a vote on Europe, LIAR. Gordon Brown promised us a vote on Europe, Liar. David Cameron promised us a vote on Europe, LIAR. So where is Democracy in Britain without TRUTH. The Roar Party is the only party that will bring real Democracy to Britain with "Reality Politics", The People voting on Europe, Immigration and other important issues with e-voting.

Tony Benn

I always considered him so dangerous because he was so persuasive. He once said  The World is a better place with Democracy. The Roar Party is one of the only parties which will give you real Democracy through "Reality Politics " , the ability of The People to vote on all important issues through e-voting.

Friday, 7 March 2014

David Cameron supporting German Jobs

David Cameron attends The council of Europe meeting on Ukraine, just after getting out of his Mercedes saloon. I have written a number of time about this The Government spending our money on German jobs.
The Roar Party will not spend hard earned tax payers money on German jobs but will specify goods made in Britain, after all when you go to France and Germany you don't see their governments spending their money on English products and English jobs. Also we will become like Switzerland and other countries specifying that companies operating in England will have to be 60 % owned by British Nationals. Likewise the property market London is being overrun by foreigners buying up property, we will specify that property can only be owned by British Nationals.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Prince Harry

Big Up for Prince Harry launching The Invictus Games, don't usually have much time for The Royals but on this occasion I reckon he is closer to The People than any of the current politicians.

Cable and Clegg

How can two people have opinions so far from the working man in England. Mr Cable we don't want any more immigration, all of our infrastructure designed for 60 million people has been overwhelmed by the 10 million immigrants. Mr Clegg the ordinary man in the street doesn't want The EU, we fought two world wars not to be ruled by the Germans. Lets have real democracy with referendums on important issues.  What do I hear The Liberal Leftist Elite saying WHAT let the ordinary people have a vote on their future, they won't have the faintest idea what's good for them.. Oh yea so you have made such a good job of it ?

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


How can Nick Clegg be so divorced from the man in the street, Nigel Farage is going to win hands down because he has Public Opinion behind him. But don't forget The Roar Party is The Only Party that will give you a vote on Europe at the earliest opportunity.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Another Murderer gets whole life and laughs.

Another murderer, convicted of three murders laughs as she is taken down to the cells. Yet another reason to give you The People a vote on bringing back hanging. The Roar Party is the only party that will give you a vote on this, and on a lot of other important issues. Do away with The Government who make promises in their Manifesto and then when they get in turn their back on you The People. The Roar Party will give you votes on important issues ( ) will do away with the to and fro of party politics, and give you real democracy (Reality Politics ).

Muslim children taken away.

The Government having betrayed the British People and allowed unlimited immigration from The Muslim States, A culture that is so alien to ours that it its impossible to have a degree of integration. And now they want to alter our society, I was talking to a young lady who had been approached by a Muslim Sharia Patrol in East London and she was told she couldn't wear shorts and be in their part of East London, she is now extremely nervous about visiting this part of London, indeed I was walking home from my daughters in Leyton and passed a Sharia Law Centre, they really have no respect for us and want to impose their laws here.  Even the Government are recognising that their idea of Multiculturalism is breaking down and want to take the children from these extremists people. Having lived with a Muslim woman for a year, I have found the huge differences in our cultures and you have only to scratch the surface of A moderate Muslim to see what they think of us "BLOODY ENGLISH".