Thursday, 24 January 2013

Lies, Lies and more Lies

Tony Blair. Gordon Brown, David Cameron
Lies. Lies and more Lies
They all promised us a vote on Europe.
None of them have delivered.
They are running scared of the British People because they know we will vote NO !.
How can leaders of parties carry out policies when they know that the people don’t want IT !
Last week Ed Miliband stood up and supported the EU, has he completely lost touch with the British working class, I have never heard an ordinary working man comment in the pub that they support Europe, all the comments I have heard have been that people want a vote on Europe.
My Grandad, My Dad, my Uncle all fought the Germans in respective wars. My Grandad in the Navy in the first world war. My Dad in the Army, a lot of the time on Gibraltar where he was regularly bombed by the French and Germans, My Uncle who was on the Artic Convoys had such a rough time from the Germans that after the war he would never talk about it, and who eventually died of Cancer, maybe the results of being a Guinea Pig at The first British Atomic tests in the Pacific. They would all turn in their graves if they knew we were being run by  The Germans who in my lifetime were packing people into Cattle Trucks and shipping them off to Concentration Camps.(Something incidentally I have never heard an apology about )
The Government is running scared of the British People, they know we will vote NO thats why they are scared of giving us the Vote. The Roar Party is the Only Party who will give you a vote on Europe immediately not in 2 years time or 5 years time as David Cameron is promising. By then we will have so many Europeans here that they will swing the vote. Turkeys never vote for Christmas.
The Roar Party will also through Reality Politics ( ) give you a vote on other important issues.
Including: -
Bringing our troops home.
Fox hunting.
University Fees