Friday, 23 December 2016

Putins annual press conference.

Putins Press Conference.

It would be better not to have a press conference than hold one and stand in front of the world and lie. Watch his eyes as he answers the question of State Sponsored Doping.

The roar party will tell the people the TRUTH, and will give them real democracy with e-voting.

The Prison Service is in Crisis.

The Prison Service is in Crisis.

The riots in the last few days have shown us, what is happening in all our public services. Less and less investment, more and more staff cut backs until it is all  falling apart. The Roar Party has an answer to this all Refugees, immigrants, illegal immigrants that are in jail to be immediately deported, all the people that are on the secret services watch list and are not nationals to be deported immediately. Beef up our borders, bring back our Customs Service so that we have less illegals crossing our borders, especially in view of the attacks in Europe, and elsewhere. Bring back The Prison Service under public ownership, what is happening at the moment privatised prisons who are interested in money and not in rehabilitation. G4s have carried out billions of pounds of Government work and not paid capital gains tax, we need to follow the money and find out who is earning from these privatisations, who in Government is on the receiving payouts or share dealings with these contracts.
This is a symptom of a Government that don't care about their people, there has been more and more immigration, and what has been the answer to a Government that has  a population that has grown  by 10, 20 or 30%,  less and less investment in public services, less police, less border guards, less teachers, less fire service, less doctors, less nurses, less A@E and hospitals, you name it, there  have been cutbacks everywhere, this is just unacceptable.
All refugees, immigrants that have come here in the last 5 years and have never worked to be deported. We are not a benefits society for the whole world.
Of course these ideas will be put to the people and voted on electronically, democracy for the people.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Marine A

We send our lads out to do the  most hazardous actions in the most inhospitable conditions among an enemy that shows no mercy, and how do we treat them when they return, judges in ivory towers who have no experience of patrolling in Afghanistan, who have never seen their mates blown to pieces so badly their entrails hang from trees. Show them no mercy, if we are going to judge our lads coming back from these horrors should be judged by someone who has experienced this, who has felt the pain, better to be judged by a military tribunal than a civil judge.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Would you like a vote on hanging ?

Would you like a vote on hanging ?

Another stabbing last night this time a policeman, he survived but it could have been different. With so many shootings and stabbings occurring now is it time we restored the ultimate deterrent. So if you had a vote would you vote to restore hanging. The Roar Party is the only party that will promise a vote on this, and give you a vote on all important issues, real democracy - Reality Politics. 



Teresa May must be up to her neck in this cover up !

Teresa May must be up to her neck in this cover up !

We have blogged about this before but if you watch this video it will make your blood run cold.

Spies, Lords, & Predators

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Brexit, so The Parliament and Judges think they are above the people.

Brexit, so The Parliament and Judges think they are above the people.
Judges some of who earn up to  £250,00.00 a year and MP's  should be careful when they put themselves above the People.  WE voted out and that's what we want. They don't do what the people want and it could be revolution.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Want to regenerate British Manufacturing John McDonnell ?

Want to regenerate British Manufacturing John McDonnell ?

The Roar Party will make any purchases made by The Government, Local Authorities, County Councils, Police Forces, Ambulance Services in fact anything that uses British Taxpayers money, will have to be manufactured in Britain. Why should British Taxpayers money be spent on Foreign Jobs, lets use our Taxpayers Money on British Jobs.
Lets back British Manufacturing.
The Roar Party has all the best ideas, the other parties keep copying our ideas.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Are we being betrayed by our Government ?

Are we being betrayed by our Government ?

16 illegal immigrants were discovered in the back of a lorry on the M1 yesterday. How come the UK Border agency can't find 16 people hidden in the back of a lorry ? Its not as though there were 1 or 2 but 16 ! This just shows that the UK Border agency aren't doing their job they are totally useless. The Government disbanded a really useful and highly professional Customs Service that used to do a really useful job totally  trustworthy, conscientious and totally scrupulously honest, can you imagine 20 years ago trying to bribe a customs officer ?
Is this another example of The Government cutting essential services, they have cut The Police Force, The Fire Service, The Prison Officers, The Customs Service, now they are picking on The Doctors, ordinary people are having to wait  for A & E, operations, treatment of all kinds, old age pensioners with failing sight waiting for cataract operations.

The People are being let down left right and center by a Government that isn't doing  their job, we have a Prime Minister that is a total failure, her time in The Home Office was a disaster, after The Government promising us immigration in the tens of thousands last year immigration was over 600,000 with nearly 300,000 of those being from outside The EU, something The Government could have total control over. So what happened a Home Secretary that was a total failure was promoted to Prime Minister, as is always the case someone that is a total failure at their job gets promoted !

Thursday, 15 September 2016

So The Lords think they can block Brexit

So The Lords think they can block Brexit, on their heads be it, because come the revolution, it could be their heads on The Block.
The Roar Party will abolish The Lords and give the people e-voting, because you have seen how the people have taken to having a referendum in Scotland and now over The EU, people have become involved again in politics, they want a say in what happens, in the past they have become disillusioned and disenfranchised by successive governments promising things and not delivering when they get in power.
The Roar Party will have a revolution, Parliament will become a debating chamber and The People will get e-voting on important issues, the people will replace The House of Lords, lets have real democracy with Reality Politics.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Keith Vaz 'paid for male escorts', Sunday Mirror claims

Image for the news result
Keith Vaz 'paid for male escorts', Sunday Mirror claims.

Is this really so bad at least all the participants are willing. Unlike some of his predecessors, some in even higher office with Home Secretaries and Prime Ministers allegedly using boys from childrens homes, all of which has conveniently been swept under the carpet by successive Prime Ministers. Even the current Prime Minister Teresa May  who must have known all this and be heavily involved in the continuing cover ups of The Westminster VIP Paedophile Ring.
Picture courtesy of Sunday Mirror.

Pope Francis quotes "Crime of World Poverty"

Pope Francis quotes "Crime of World Poverty"

A few nights ago less than 50 metres from The Multi Million Pound Westminster Catholic Cathedral, and even less from The MacDonalds  in  Victoria Street. There were ten homeless people sleeping rough. So The Catholic Church thinks World Poverty  is a crime, do they do anything to help homeless people sleeping rough on their doorstep.  Would they put their money where their mouth is ? I leave you to make up your mind !

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Teresa May has been reading The Roar Parties blogs on affordable housing.

Teresa May has been reading The Roar Parties blogs on affordable housing. Our blog from the 21st July 2014 set out our plans for affordable housing in London.

We are the only party that have very firm ideas on affordable housing.

Jeremy Hunt is the one person for 100,000 operations being cancelled.

Jeremy Hunt is the one person for 100,000 operations being cancelled.  The Government forced contracts on The Police, The Prison Service, The Firefighters and decimated these services to the detriment of the people. Now they are trying to decimate the NHS a service that is really struggling, who would you rather have Jeremy Hunt or a junior doctor ?


Teresa May has been reading The Roar Parties blogs on affordable housing.

Teresa May has been reading The Roar Parties blogs on affordable housing. Our blog from the 21st July 2014 set out our plans for affordable housing in London.

We are the only party that have very firm ideas on affordable housing.

Teresa May has been reading The Roar Parties blogs on affordable housing.

Teresa May has been reading The Roar Parties blogs on affordable housing. Our blog from the 21st July 2014 set out our plans for affordable housing in London.

We are the only party that have very firm ideas on affordable housing.

Jeremy Corbyn has been reading The Roar Parties blogs

Jeremy Corbyn has been reading The Roar Parties Blogs, specifically one on High Speed Internet for Britain. We are lagging behind with  our Internet speeds, some of our former colonies have speeds over 100 Mbps while ours average under 20 Mbps, are we a leading country or are we a third world country ?

Here is a blog from The Roar Party on 1st January 2015

Friday, 5 August 2016

The Roar Party call for Bill Maloney to head Child Abuse Inquiry.

The Roar Party call for Bill Maloney to head Child Abuse Inquiry. It was always going to be a whitewash with established figures heading this inquiry, because if the Truth came out about, Edward Heath, Leon Brittan, Harvey Procter and other establishment figures, it would bring down The Conservative Government. Remember not long ago there was a report on a Friday that 7 Police Forces were investigating Edward Heath ? then on the following Monday there was the little boy drowned on the beach, the whole media swung away from The Edward Heath story onto Immigration.
Now we have Teresa May as Prime Minister who must have been complicit in helping to carry on this whitewash when she was Home Secretary, must have known all about this story.

Saturday, 23 July 2016


Brexit..Forgexit while TM.PM #TeresaMaymustGo

Monday, 27 June 2016

No to Freedom of Movement !

No to Freedom of Movement !

New negotiations must not include Freedom of Movement that's the main reason 17.4 million voted OUT !.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Referendums work

With a turnout of 72.2% in The EU Referendum and an even higher turnout of 84.59% in The Scottish Referendum it shows that when people are ask a specific question they respond in high numbers, because they feel engaged, something that has been lacking for so long in British Politics, where parties have published their manifestos and then have not delivered. Both The Labour, Liberal and Conservative Parties have been guilty of this.
The Roar Party  will correct this by giving The British People a vote on all important issues, our parliamentary system has become so out of date. We propose putting high speed interent into every home, so that people can really engage in important issues. Parliament will become a debating chamber watched by the people who can then vote on important issues with e-voting. This is true democracy, Reality Politics.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

In Europe we have our own Donald Trump

In Europe we have our own Donald Trump. Weeks before taking over The Presidency of The EU, the Prime Minister of Slovakia denounced Muslim Migrants. The Roar Party appluads this and is the only party that will give you a vote on stopping all immigration until we sort out exactly who is in our country. The Government are lying to us all the time about the numbers coming here, even if they know, there are continual stories that The Border Agency are just not doing their job. We need to bring back our  own Customs Service and regain control on our borders and ports.
The Roar Party is the only party that will bring in e-voting on all important issues and let The People have real democracy with Reality Politics.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Why was Boris wheeled out to lead the Brexit campaign

Could it be that The Government are scared stiff of Nigel Farage with a base of already 4 million from the last election, Immigration is the BIGGEST concern for many British people. Now Boris Johnson has been wheeled out by The Government to try and head off Nigel Farages influence because he has been on the campaign trail for months with the Say No campaign. This picture from a meeting in London in November.
And now The Electoral Commission have shown they are mere puppets of The Government by ignoring Nigel Farages campaign. So can we expect a fair election with such a biased decision from The Electoral Commission and can we expect only UK nationals to be allowed in this vote. After all The Turkeys (The European Immigrants aren't going to vote for Christmas ). Do The Electoral Commission need a real inquiry to ensure they stay unbiased and impartial. ?

Friday, 22 April 2016

Obama butt out ! #obamabuttout

Obama butt out. Why did the President of The United States of America urge us to vote IN ! and quote that tens of thousands of Americans who rest in graveyards across Europe, who spilt their blood to free us from German aggression, now would want us to be ruled by those same Germans.
If we vote to stay IN their will be an earthquake of ground breaking proportions as those tens of thousands of American dead and hundreds of thousands of British troops roll over in their graves. Germany will have been seen to win WW111 without a shot being fired !

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Lord Reid quotes "Its the Governments job to protect its citizens"

Lord Reid quotes "Its the Governments job to protect  its citizens"
He also quoted The Government is expecting another attack here imminently"
Donald Trump was right it is time to stop all Muslim immigration not just in the US but in Britain.
English people never wanted Muslim immigration into this country on such a scale, The Government betrayed The British People and forced Multiculturalism on us. We on our part weren't even allowed to voice our opinion on this, we were branded "Racist" if we had the temerity to raise our voices, so in the most part we laid down and let The Government rollover us. What were the advantages to us of this ? We allowed these people to flood into our country and were they happy ? No they want to bring the way of life they have had in countries like, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan here, they couldn't  live together in their own countries and now they want to bring their civil wars here, to disrupt our way of life. We got over differences in religion in this country a long time ago. In my own town their was a boy of 19 burnt at the stake in 1555 for reading the Bible in English (William Hunter) so I know that we did a few hundred years ago have these differences, but we have put that behind us. Now the Muslim invading hordes or swarms as David Cameron describes them have come here and show us they want to take over our country, they wear their political costumes in public even school children are going to school wearing their political statements. They want to take our country back into the stone age, with practises like Sharia Law, where people are whipped, tortured and beheaded in Public as in Saudi Arabia.
We must not only stop all Muslim immigration now we must give The British People a vote on do we want Muslims here at all. Because you have to acknowledge the fact that if there weren't Muslims here we wouldn't be facing another attack imminently.
The Roar Party is the only Party that will give the British People a vote on stopping Muslim immigration, but also do we actually outlaw Muslims here and ask them to leave. They have proved they can't live in our society without wanting to change it, and how long are we prepared to put up with that.


Tuesday, 22 March 2016

We must call on Our Government to stop all Muslim immigration NOW !

We must call on Our Government to stop all Muslim immigration NOW !
Following the attacks in London, Paris and Belgium we call on our Government to stop all Muslim immigration. If they fail to do this we must assume they are going to continue to betray The British People. We now have a population approaching 80 million in an infrastructure built for 60 million. What has been successive Governments answer to this  ? We have had cutbacks to The Police, The Paramedic Service, The Army, The NHS, The Coastguard Service, The Border Agency, our borders are no longer safe, they can't even find people coming across in lorries and other vehicles, if they can't find people how secure are we  in thinking they can detect, AK47's, Explosives, Radiation material. other weapons of Mass Destruction that we know the Islamists have access too.
With the cutbacks how safe are we when they attack London in multiple locations, with not enough Police, Ambulances taking  hours instead of the 4 minutes we used to expect, waits of minimum 4 hours in accident and emergency, the Fire Brigade cut backs, why are we being betrayed like this more and more people in the country and more and more cutbacks.
How many British people are going to die unnecessarily because we havn't got the services to treat and rescue them.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Is David Cameron admitting defeat ?

This morning David Cameron quoted "Even out of Europe ! " is this the first crack, is he admitting that we are coming out  of Europe ?

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

David Cameron launches a disgusting attack on Jeremy Corbyn.

David Cameron launches a disgusting attack on Jeremy Corbyn during Prime Ministers question time.
This is typical of the Bullingdon Boys bullying tactics, considering their initiating practices involving pigs heads, you shouldn't be surprised. One wonders why Muslims want to come to a Country like this when this sort of things goes on, and where even Ex Prime Ministers, Ex Home Secretaries, various high level politicians have been accused of child abuse. Mind you what has happened in Rotherham, Oxford and other numerous councils in England maybe this is what attracts them.

The personal attack on Corbyn happened during a debate on the NHS and the Junior Doctors while Jermy Hunt stood smirking in the background. One of our members in Essex ( here I go sounding like Jeremy Corbyn ) would like a NHS let alone a seven day NHS. He came back fom holiday on 3rd November the next day he was fitted with a catheter phoning his doctor following this he was told an appointment would be 3 weeks, so he went and waited at the surgery for an emergency appointment, during that he was told an operation for his enlarged prostate would be 18 weeks, and was given and appintment with a Urologist on 23rd December, during this appointment he was again told there would be an 18 week wait and following that eventually got an appointment with the Urologist who would be doing the operation on 19th February, guess what he was told at that appiontment he wouild be put on his waiting list another 18 weeks wait. This is a total of 34 weeks after he had his catheter fitted, 7 day week NHS don't make me laugh. We would like an NHS service.

Why ? is our NHS in such a state, a doctor on LBC stated last week that doctors have had 17 million new registrations in the last 5 years, this is a true figure on our immigration, we are being totally swamped by immigration, every infrastructure we had to cope with a population of 60 million is totally groaning under the strain of a population of 80 million. Schools, Hospitals, Doctors, Roads, Police are not coping.
David Cameron has totally failed on his promise of tens of thousands of immigrants when the true figure is tens of millions, Mr Cameron you are totally failing in your number 1 job of protecting the people and the only honourable thing to do is resign. Now he wants to take us further into Europe where our immigration will increase even more, this is time to STOP. #cameronmustgo, #jeremyhuntmustgo

Thursday, 11 February 2016

The Doctors Strike.

Jeremy Hunt is going to impose a contract on The Junior Doctors, if he does this we should call for a national strike. This Government has steamrollered everyone in its path, its now time to stop them. All Jeremy Hunt will be remembered for is closure after closure. This Government will be remembered for closure after closure, Police stations, Fire Stations, no discipline in Schools so a huge proportion of teachers are threatening to leave schools. A Doctor was on LBC last week saying they have registered 17 million extra patients in the last 5 years, there is the answer our population now is nearer 80 million than the 60 milliion it was only a few years ago. David Cameron and his Government have betrayed the very people it is their number one job to protect. What is their answer to the increase in population, closure after closure of essential services. One of our members wants an operation he went to see his GP at the beginning of November and couldn't get an appointment with a consultant until the 23 rd December, subsequently had an appointment with the surgeon yesterday and he told him it would likely be another 18 weeks before his operation. He phones his GP this morning and got an appointment on the 1st March nearly three weeks when it used to be a couple of days. So overall he would have been waiting for an operation for 33 weeks, I bet the countries we are supporting with overseas aid have shorter waiting lists than we have here.
We can't keep supporting an increase in population like this, The Roar Party will stop all immigration until we have sorted out who is in the country. We will give you a vote on Europe, on immigration and on all important issues with e-voting, we want real democracy, we want the population to get more engaged with the running of the country. we want real democracy. We want you to regain your country.
#cameronmustgo #jeremyhuntmustgo

Monday, 18 January 2016

What is the true Population in the UK ?

A Doctor on LBC yesterday said that they have had 17 million new patients in 5 years this is the nearest to the truth I have heard, so our population is now probably 80 million in an infrastructure for 60 million, we need a Donald Trump here to stop all immigration, we have been betrayed by our own Government and a corrupt EU who havn't had their accounts signed off for, what is it 19 years ? Are we crazy ?