Friday, 26 October 2012

Fords to close Transit Factory

If The Roar Party get elected Fords will rue their decision to close The Transit Factory at Southampton, because we will only spend our taxpayers money on Vehicles produced in Britain. Is it any surprise we have so many people out of work because watching the London riots all the emergency vehicles I saw Ambulances and Police were Mercedes, what gives the government the right to spend taxpayers money on German jobs when we have so many out of work here.

Afghanistan 435 to many

Today we have lost another 2 of our soldiers, making it 435 to many. I would like to bet  the parents of any of these children would vote for our lad and lassies to come home tomorrow. The Roar Party will bring our soldiers straight home if that is what you vote for. We will give you a vote on all important issues, Reality Politics.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Dartford Crossing increases outrageous

Betrayed again !!

It was my birthday this week, same day as David Cameronactually, not that it means anything. But it made me reflect, last Friday I hadto do two road journeys, one to Margateand one to Heathrow, should have taken 6 hours at the most, it took me 11hours. One of the roads there was a hold up on, was the A127 London to Southend Road. 51years ago my Dad took me on my first real driving lesson on this road the A 127, it was a nice dual carriageway with a well maintained cycle track. What is ittoday the same dual carriageway with a few cosmetic changes, now how come in 50years with Government taking Billions of Pounds from the motorist in that timethey haven’t improved this road and hundreds like it, So if we had people inthe 1930’s when this road was started why haven’t we got people now withforesight and vision. Why are we not building roads to cope with the massiveincrease in traffic we have now. The Government has allowed millions ofimmigrants into the country without any increase in infrastructure, roads,hospital, schools, hospitals. I regularly travel on roads around Essex thatwere designed for horse and carts, not the traffic density we have today, I amregularly confronted by the 40 tonne artics ( the European standard) on roads that are totally inadequate for them,they are wider than half the width of the road, as are many of the Chelseatractors. One of the other hold ups was at The Dartford Crossing renamed LeCrossing by the French Company, LeCrossing Company Ltd, that now run it. Ittook me an hour to get through the tunnel, so say an average hourly wage of £10an hour it cost me and tens of thousands of fellow queuers say £10 to pay theFrench company £1.50, and now from the 7th October 2012 they haveput the tolls up 33.1/3 rd percent. In this age of austerity how can they getaway with it, its not as though they are providing a good service in my last 6journeys through Le Crossing I have been held up for an hour at least 4 times.The Roar Party pledge to make Le Crossing free as The Government promised whenthey built the Bridge. We will get The Department of Transport to exercise someforesight and vision to improve our whole road system.