Friday, 18 August 2017

We are at WAR !

We are at WAR !

Another attack, another attack by people that are known to the authorities. So why are we not being protected by our Government, in Britain we have 25,000 people on our watch list. The Roar Party demand these people are interned and deported if possible, and if not possible still deported, what good are these people to us in Britain. Teresa May said she has a strong and stable goevernment,  well start being strong and protect your people, that is your number one priority. It is time to do something before another 100 people are laying dead and injured across our streets. In the interim we need to stop all Muslim immigration.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

During The Second World War would we have had a German Mayor of London.

During The Second World War would we have had a German Mayor of London.

We are on the brink of a civil war in England similar  to that  being waged
 in Syria. They can't live with each other there and they can't live with us here. The question is should we have a Muslim Mayor in London and even worse Muslim MP's in our Government ?

#A Bridge To Far

#A Bridge To Far
This is the result of Teresa Mays Strong and Stable Government. Our dead scattered across our Bridges in London, our dead children scattered around our arenas, our people beheaded on our streets. Our security services are watching 3,000 extremists on our watch list and another 23,000 doubtfull, its time these people are either interned or deported.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Gatwick Oil Find: Questions And Answers

Gatwick Oil Find: Questions And Answers

Two years ago a huge Oilfield was discovered very near Gatwick. What is happening about this ? are the Government and Multi-Nationals taking this time to keep the money away from the People ?

The Roar Party will use this money to benefit The People after all its our oil, right ?

We will re nationalise, The Railways, The Water Utilities, The Gas Utilities, The Electricity Utilities, all these things that The Government have sold off to The Multi Nationals, that are taking the profit from our pockets and making huge profits on something that belongs to us.

The same way they are taking our London away from us and selling it to The Russians and Chinese, we will instigate a system where foreign nationals can't just buy our Land and our properties, you will have to be a British Person or have a have a residents visa to buy property just like Switzerland and a host of other countries. Our own Government are allowing us to be priced  out of   our major towns. Lets take back our Britain. President Trump is right it should be Britain first and British first. is the only party that will put the People first, real democracy.


Thursday, 2 March 2017

Lord Haw Haw rides again

The pro German Second World War broadcaster, has his acolytes in The Lords once again as The Lords vote against the people. This has to be the end for them.

The Roar Party wants to abolish them and let the people have votes on important issues.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Police Chief : Heath was a Paedophile

Police Chief : Heath was a Paedophile

This is yesterdays The Mail on Sunday headline. Teresa May and The Conservative Party must be up to their necks in this continued cover up. We just don't get it, how they continually live in denial of The VIP Westminster Paedophile Ring ?

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The Supreme Judges vote against The People.

The Supreme Judges vote against The People.

We were looking for a judgement of Soloman here note just the fine detail of The Law, three judges got it right.  The person that ask for this judgement calls herself British  but she obviously hasn't grasped one of the very tenents of being British, that of the British sense of fair play, no one truly British would have asked The Judges to vote against The British People.

These judges are in for a real shock because The Roar Party will peg all salaries of Public servants, so that no one will earn more than The Prime Minister, certainly not the £220,000.00 they enjoy at the moment.

Of course this as with all important issues will be voted on by The People, and we will give The People a vote on abolishing The Lords, as especially with this judgement they have proved they are not worthy. We will replace them with e-voting by The People on all important issues.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Rip off Britain.

Rip off Britain.

You know I hate knocking Britain, but I have just returned from a weekend in Nice, Cote D'Azure.
On Sunday I visited Monaco and was absolutely staggered to find the return fare was only 4.80 Euros for the 30 minute trip. Just another example of how we are being totally ripped off in Britain. We seriously need to renationalise our railways and get realistic fares compared to Europe.

Thursday, 12 January 2017



Lets look at Teresa Mays record as Home Secrtetary and Prime Minister.

More Gun and Knife Crime what's Teresa Mays answer ? Less Police.

More Chinese and Russians buying up London and forcing out youre hard working real Londoners, less housing.

More and more immigration, what's Teresa Mays answer ?, do away with The Customs Service and less Border Force they hav'nt enough people to check incoming Lorries at Dover.

An extra  15 to 20 million people in the country putting pressure on all our infrastructures, less Hospitals, less A and E departments, Teachers leaving in droves, more and more traffic, not less roads but not more roads.

More and more prisoners, less prison guards, causing overcrowding and riots.

More and more people using the train system, more and more cutbacks on staff, causing strikes over safety.

Cutbacks in The Fire Service.

The only thing expanding is The House of Lords, The Roar Party would do away with this and have e-voting from The People on important issues, Real Democracy.

More and more people using GP's services, no new doctors.

Increase in  the older population, less money on Social Care.

Total lack of Mental Care but The Government are increasing the number of vunerable immigrants, even more strain on this service.

What is The Roar Parties answer get Brexit as fast as possible and ask The Europeans to go home, we never ask them to come here but we could ask them to go home.

Jeremy Corbyn's been reading our blog again, we believe that wages of  people employed by The Government or Local Authorities  should be pegged to a maximum not to exceed The Prime Ministers salary

Overall more and more in the country, and less and less care from The Government.


Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The NHS or Trident

The NHS or Trident

Would you rather die before you get to Hospital or under the threat of a Nuclear Attack some time in the future ?

We need to treat The NHS properly we are currently spending less on The NHS in relation to GDP than many of our contemparies in Europe. Not only are we expecting the NHS to operate with a huge increase in population up from 60 million to who knows 75 or 80 million ? but we are expecting many of the NHS staff to work 12 hour shift patterns, what life balance or these people working under, The Underground workers expect a work life balance but we are not granting that same balance to some of our key NHS workers.

The Roar Party is the only party that will give you a vote on important issues like NHS versus Trident with e-voting, Real Democracy for The People.

#jeremyhuntmust go

Lets hope this hash tag works, it did work with David Cameron


Wednesday, 4 January 2017

4 weeks to see a Doctor, don't make me die !

4 weeks to see a Doctor, don't make me die !

Now they are telling us it will be 4 weeks for an appointment at the doctors, well what do they expect when they have betrayed us by allowing 15 million extra people into the country, with an infrastructure designed for 60 million. Successive governments have promised us reasonable amounts of immigration, but instead we have had a tsunami of immigration.
What has been the answer from the Government over this ? Increase infrastructure ? No ! we have had cutback after cutback, Jeremy Hunt is doing his best to ruin The NHS.
The Police have been cutback.
The prison service have been cutback massively.
The ambulance service has been cutback.
The Fire Service has been cutback
Jeremy Hunt has closed A & E services.
Hospital beds have been cutback and hospitals closed.
Teachers are in crisis. Is this surprising with some schools having to cope with up to 40 different languages.
We have the highest Train Fares in Europe, six times higher than Europe.
Our houses especially in London are being sold to foreign investors at inflated prices, pricing ordinary Londoners out of London.

We never ask The Europeans to come her but with Brexit we can ask them to go home!

We have 4 million working in poverty.
7.8 just about managing.
1 million using Food Banks.
124,000 children at Christmas in emergency accomodation, and they want us to accept children from Syria, lets put our children first, mental health service for children in tatters, how ill we treat this immigrants with mental problems when we can't treat our own children.

Knife crime and shootings escalating at alarming rates.

No real affordable housing !

What is the government doing for ordinary hard working people..... NOTHING.

We need a revolution  ! we have had enough of the richest  5% having more wealth than the other 95%.
The Roar Party is the only party that will change this with reality politics, the people e-voting on important issues.

President Trump takes on Ford

President Trump takes on Ford

Brilliant President Trump lays down the law to Ford. Not so here David Cameron weakly let The EU give Ford 80 million to move their factory to Turkey, We want it back here and The Roar Party has the answer, Any purchases made by The Government or local authorities must be made in Britain. Why should we allow products made in Europe be brought with our hard earned tax money, why should we allow our money and jobs to go to Europe. Police force vehicles  and ambulances must be made in Britain, I am tired of seeing Mercedes, VW's  and  BMW's used by these forces. Any steel required on Government, Local Authority, British Rail, should be specified British Steel, rolling stock must be made in Britain. The Local authorities should only give planning permission if British Steel is specified on contracts.

Let's get our Transit factory back big up President Trump.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

22,000 Rapes a year 4,000 at Knifepoint.

22,000 Rapes a year 4,000 at Knifepoint.

According to the BBC.  There were 22,116 recorded rapes in the year to June, a rise of 29% on the year before, police figures released by the Office for National Statistics show.
Although Rape Crisis England and Wales present a different story they say there were approximately 85,000 women and 12,000 men are raped in England and Wales alone every year; that's roughly 11 rapes (of adults alone) every hour. These figures include assaults by penetration and attempts.

So Mrs May here is another result of your complete failure to protect us.  During your time as Home Secretary you have run down The Police Force so they are totally unable to protect us any longer, you have run down The Fire Service, you have run down The Prison Service  so they are incapable of doing their job properly. Is this another case of someone that is totally useless at their job being promoted ?

And now even worse you are really lagging behind on Brexit.

The Roar Party is The Only Party  that will give you The People  a vote on important issues. 

Let's empty our prisons of people that shouldn't be in the country and deport them immediately  any refugees or asylem seekers convicted of Knife Crime to be deported immediately. Any refugees or asylem seekers that have been in the country less than five years and are still on benefits to be deported.

The Roar Party is the only party that will take the war to the criminals that carry illegal firearms. With the peoples vote we will impose a six month amnesty so that firearms can be handed in, after that we will impose martial law and any criminal found carrying a gun in a public place will be taken to a place of execution and shot at dawn the next morning.

The Roar Party will give The People an e-vote on all important issues give The People real democracy.