Sunday, 12 March 2017

Gatwick Oil Find: Questions And Answers

Gatwick Oil Find: Questions And Answers

Two years ago a huge Oilfield was discovered very near Gatwick. What is happening about this ? are the Government and Multi-Nationals taking this time to keep the money away from the People ?

The Roar Party will use this money to benefit The People after all its our oil, right ?

We will re nationalise, The Railways, The Water Utilities, The Gas Utilities, The Electricity Utilities, all these things that The Government have sold off to The Multi Nationals, that are taking the profit from our pockets and making huge profits on something that belongs to us.

The same way they are taking our London away from us and selling it to The Russians and Chinese, we will instigate a system where foreign nationals can't just buy our Land and our properties, you will have to be a British Person or have a have a residents visa to buy property just like Switzerland and a host of other countries. Our own Government are allowing us to be priced  out of   our major towns. Lets take back our Britain. President Trump is right it should be Britain first and British first. is the only party that will put the People first, real democracy.


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