Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Gordon Brown takes on another of our pledges to put Broadband into every home. They are becoming more like The Roar Party every day. But the reason The Roar Party wants this is so the people can make their own decisions on important issues. Reality Politics. Lets see you float this idea Gordon Brown.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

British Jobs For British Workers
The most important thing to The Roar Party is democracy for the people with e-voting on important issues. We can never do this while in the dictatorship of Europe. So we are dedicated to coming out of the EU, asking all the European Immigrants to go home, we will be instantly £200 billion a year better off ( Our cost of Europe ) a big part of our debt at the moment. We will bring our armies back from Iraq and Afghanistan and put them to work where they should be defending our borders. We will identify and round up and repatriate all the illegal immigrants here. These actions will restore the British workers their jobs at a livable wage and put our economy back on its feet. We will have a model like Switzerland where companies trading here will have to be owned 60% by British nationals, this will end the dominance of foreign companies here. The Government have completely ignored the wishes of the British People and let us be overrun by immigration, our infrastructure just can't cope, roads, transport, schools, hospitals benefits system are groaning under the strain. The Roar Party has the answers to all of Britains problems at the moment let's put Britain back where it should be.
The Roar Party reality politics for the People.