Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The Supreme Judges vote against The People.

The Supreme Judges vote against The People.

We were looking for a judgement of Soloman here note just the fine detail of The Law, three judges got it right.  The person that ask for this judgement calls herself British  but she obviously hasn't grasped one of the very tenents of being British, that of the British sense of fair play, no one truly British would have asked The Judges to vote against The British People.

These judges are in for a real shock because The Roar Party will peg all salaries of Public servants, so that no one will earn more than The Prime Minister, certainly not the £220,000.00 they enjoy at the moment.

Of course this as with all important issues will be voted on by The People, and we will give The People a vote on abolishing The Lords, as especially with this judgement they have proved they are not worthy. We will replace them with e-voting by The People on all important issues.

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