Thursday, 12 January 2017



Lets look at Teresa Mays record as Home Secrtetary and Prime Minister.

More Gun and Knife Crime what's Teresa Mays answer ? Less Police.

More Chinese and Russians buying up London and forcing out youre hard working real Londoners, less housing.

More and more immigration, what's Teresa Mays answer ?, do away with The Customs Service and less Border Force they hav'nt enough people to check incoming Lorries at Dover.

An extra  15 to 20 million people in the country putting pressure on all our infrastructures, less Hospitals, less A and E departments, Teachers leaving in droves, more and more traffic, not less roads but not more roads.

More and more prisoners, less prison guards, causing overcrowding and riots.

More and more people using the train system, more and more cutbacks on staff, causing strikes over safety.

Cutbacks in The Fire Service.

The only thing expanding is The House of Lords, The Roar Party would do away with this and have e-voting from The People on important issues, Real Democracy.

More and more people using GP's services, no new doctors.

Increase in  the older population, less money on Social Care.

Total lack of Mental Care but The Government are increasing the number of vunerable immigrants, even more strain on this service.

What is The Roar Parties answer get Brexit as fast as possible and ask The Europeans to go home, we never ask them to come here but we could ask them to go home.

Jeremy Corbyn's been reading our blog again, we believe that wages of  people employed by The Government or Local Authorities  should be pegged to a maximum not to exceed The Prime Ministers salary

Overall more and more in the country, and less and less care from The Government.


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