Wednesday, 4 January 2017

4 weeks to see a Doctor, don't make me die !

4 weeks to see a Doctor, don't make me die !

Now they are telling us it will be 4 weeks for an appointment at the doctors, well what do they expect when they have betrayed us by allowing 15 million extra people into the country, with an infrastructure designed for 60 million. Successive governments have promised us reasonable amounts of immigration, but instead we have had a tsunami of immigration.
What has been the answer from the Government over this ? Increase infrastructure ? No ! we have had cutback after cutback, Jeremy Hunt is doing his best to ruin The NHS.
The Police have been cutback.
The prison service have been cutback massively.
The ambulance service has been cutback.
The Fire Service has been cutback
Jeremy Hunt has closed A & E services.
Hospital beds have been cutback and hospitals closed.
Teachers are in crisis. Is this surprising with some schools having to cope with up to 40 different languages.
We have the highest Train Fares in Europe, six times higher than Europe.
Our houses especially in London are being sold to foreign investors at inflated prices, pricing ordinary Londoners out of London.

We never ask The Europeans to come her but with Brexit we can ask them to go home!

We have 4 million working in poverty.
7.8 just about managing.
1 million using Food Banks.
124,000 children at Christmas in emergency accomodation, and they want us to accept children from Syria, lets put our children first, mental health service for children in tatters, how ill we treat this immigrants with mental problems when we can't treat our own children.

Knife crime and shootings escalating at alarming rates.

No real affordable housing !

What is the government doing for ordinary hard working people..... NOTHING.

We need a revolution  ! we have had enough of the richest  5% having more wealth than the other 95%.
The Roar Party is the only party that will change this with reality politics, the people e-voting on important issues.

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