Tuesday, 22 March 2016

We must call on Our Government to stop all Muslim immigration NOW !

We must call on Our Government to stop all Muslim immigration NOW !
Following the attacks in London, Paris and Belgium we call on our Government to stop all Muslim immigration. If they fail to do this we must assume they are going to continue to betray The British People. We now have a population approaching 80 million in an infrastructure built for 60 million. What has been successive Governments answer to this  ? We have had cutbacks to The Police, The Paramedic Service, The Army, The NHS, The Coastguard Service, The Border Agency, our borders are no longer safe, they can't even find people coming across in lorries and other vehicles, if they can't find people how secure are we  in thinking they can detect, AK47's, Explosives, Radiation material. other weapons of Mass Destruction that we know the Islamists have access too.
With the cutbacks how safe are we when they attack London in multiple locations, with not enough Police, Ambulances taking  hours instead of the 4 minutes we used to expect, waits of minimum 4 hours in accident and emergency, the Fire Brigade cut backs, why are we being betrayed like this more and more people in the country and more and more cutbacks.
How many British people are going to die unnecessarily because we havn't got the services to treat and rescue them.

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