Thursday, 11 February 2016

The Doctors Strike.

Jeremy Hunt is going to impose a contract on The Junior Doctors, if he does this we should call for a national strike. This Government has steamrollered everyone in its path, its now time to stop them. All Jeremy Hunt will be remembered for is closure after closure. This Government will be remembered for closure after closure, Police stations, Fire Stations, no discipline in Schools so a huge proportion of teachers are threatening to leave schools. A Doctor was on LBC last week saying they have registered 17 million extra patients in the last 5 years, there is the answer our population now is nearer 80 million than the 60 milliion it was only a few years ago. David Cameron and his Government have betrayed the very people it is their number one job to protect. What is their answer to the increase in population, closure after closure of essential services. One of our members wants an operation he went to see his GP at the beginning of November and couldn't get an appointment with a consultant until the 23 rd December, subsequently had an appointment with the surgeon yesterday and he told him it would likely be another 18 weeks before his operation. He phones his GP this morning and got an appointment on the 1st March nearly three weeks when it used to be a couple of days. So overall he would have been waiting for an operation for 33 weeks, I bet the countries we are supporting with overseas aid have shorter waiting lists than we have here.
We can't keep supporting an increase in population like this, The Roar Party will stop all immigration until we have sorted out who is in the country. We will give you a vote on Europe, on immigration and on all important issues with e-voting, we want real democracy, we want the population to get more engaged with the running of the country. we want real democracy. We want you to regain your country.
#cameronmustgo #jeremyhuntmustgo

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