Monday, 3 March 2014

Muslim children taken away.

The Government having betrayed the British People and allowed unlimited immigration from The Muslim States, A culture that is so alien to ours that it its impossible to have a degree of integration. And now they want to alter our society, I was talking to a young lady who had been approached by a Muslim Sharia Patrol in East London and she was told she couldn't wear shorts and be in their part of East London, she is now extremely nervous about visiting this part of London, indeed I was walking home from my daughters in Leyton and passed a Sharia Law Centre, they really have no respect for us and want to impose their laws here.  Even the Government are recognising that their idea of Multiculturalism is breaking down and want to take the children from these extremists people. Having lived with a Muslim woman for a year, I have found the huge differences in our cultures and you have only to scratch the surface of A moderate Muslim to see what they think of us "BLOODY ENGLISH".

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