Thursday, 20 February 2014

Ukraine and Syria what happens when Governments don't listen to the people.

So Nick Clegg ( 23% his share in the last election ) wants a debate with Nigel Farage who is talking for the people ( 78% want a vote on Europe ).  Nick Clegg is quoted as saying "As the leader of the party thats in " , "Being in Europe means being in work", the last time I saw Nick Clegg getting in vehicle it was foreign, so you can see he supports British Workers, even The Prime Minister turned up to Vote in The Last Election in a Lexus. So you can see how they both support the British Work Force. In the Riots  nearly every vehicle I saw on television was made in Germany, so the Government takes our hard earned tax money and spends it on  German jobs. The Government rolled over and let Ford take The Transit factory to Turkey, probably on a EU directive. Nick Clegg is only there because he abandoned his principles and clung to the shirt tails of David Cameron.
The President of Europe Mr Barroso wants  Political Parties like UKIP and The Roar Party who want a vote on Europe BANNED. What next will. Will The Cattle Trucks start arriving in London to round up The Opposition to Europe, The Germans were doing this in my lifetime shipping people to camps in cattle trucks.
My Father and Grandfather and all the other members of my family who fought against Germany in The Last War would be turning over in their graves to know that we are being ruled now by The Old Enemy.
The Government is not listening to The People we want a vote on Europe what are they so frightened off, I can tell you the answer because they know we will VOTE NO!!!!!!!!!
We have had a Tsunami of Immigration that has swamped us, we have Multiculturalism forced on us and if anyone dared to say anything against this the Government used the big stick branded with Racist against us.

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