Sunday, 20 July 2014

Rebels are stealing the Bodies.

 We were right yesterday to say Nuke the crash site, now the rebels are stealing the bodies. What is up with our government their primary purpose is to protect its citizens that means their bodies to. Why do we have tactical Nuclear weapons for if we aren't going to use them. They have declared war on us, let them have a taste of their own medicine.

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WhiteAlien said...

We have nuclear weapons to stop other countries from using theirs.

I find the Ukraine issue quite absurd. The rebels in these countries are often funded by neighbouring countries who want to see the fall of a particular government.

We saw it in Egypt and Libya where the US was providing arms and training to the rebels, pushing them and encouraging them to rebel against the governments. Imagine how we would react in UK if the likes of Russia gave guns to the IRA! That is what the west was doing in these countries.

Russia apparently sold arms to Ukrainian rebels and is being heavily sanctioned by the west. Where do you think Russia obtained its weapons? Well, from the UK and USA. They publicly sanction the country to appear to be morally aware and then under the table are selling them the same guns that go to the rebels.

What is it really all about?