Friday, 11 July 2014

Depressed and rudderless

I grew up with Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris and Cliff Richard, I wouldn't say they were my heroes, but they were the people of my time, Cyril Smith Ted Heath were also politicians of my time, MI5, Special Branch were the goodies. All of sudden I find that these people especially in regard to The Elm Guest House and the Haute de Garenne,  were really suspect, the expenses scandel is nothing compared to this, check out this video on Ted Heath.......==>>  and the list of people associated with Elm Guest House ...=>>

also Bill Maloney visited Jersey scene of Edward Heaths escapades. ===>>>

So was Ted Heath blackmailed and turned by the Germans and is that why we are in The EU, amazing how all this is coming out from the dossier that has disappeared, and what about Jill Dando's death and Princess Diana's death and the fact that the autopsies on Diana and the owner of Elm Guest House was carried out by the same pathologist.

This week the Government are trying a new law aimed at snooping on your phone calls and e-mails with the excuse that they are doing it to protect us from The Muslim extremists, The Roar Party has a simple answer to this stop all Muslim immigration, and lets declare some of these Islamists Radicals that are against us Persona Non Grata and deport them to a country they are happier in.

So this is why I am depressed and rudderless all the values and ideals I grew up with are suddenly thrown up in the air. We need a complete change of Government, The Roar Party may be the answer let people themselves vote on important issues, lets not be ruled by the The Public School boys who are obviously  unfortunate victims of a degenerate system. may have the answers.

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