Wednesday, 16 July 2014

#Cabinet Reshuffle.

David Cameron announces a Cabinet Reshuffle, is this a smoke screen for yet another cover up over the missing Paedophile Dossiers. There are articles all over the Internet                        about The Dossier being handed to Leon Brittan, who is allegedly himself in the dossier, no wonder it disappeared, even more worrying is the articles mentioning Ted Heath and his alliance to Jimmy Saville. Ted Heath wouldn't have gone anywhere without Special Branch and Special Branch Boat Service  watching over him. We have already been told by Bill Maloney that Special Branch had him up against a wall with a gun to his head warning him off, and intercepting victims who were coming to his office to tell their stories. So were The Special Branch involved in this up to their necks.

Even more worrying is the allegations that Ted Heath was blackmailed over this into joining the EU.

With these allegations all over the Internet we need a statement from Government about these dossiers, who appear to have MP's of all parties, Monday Club Members, and all sorts of members of The Establishment on the lists.

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