Sunday, 27 July 2014

It is beginning to look like Westminster is above the law.

This is the most worrying sentence from the attached article from The Daily Mail Online.

D-Notices, Super Injunctions, Special Branch, are protecting Edward Heath, Leon Brittan, Cliff Richard.
I always thought these were to be used protecting the state in cases of national security. Mind you if these stories come out and are proved to be true, I can't see how The Conservative Party will survive, and the connections to the Labour Party don't look to good either.

I had always thought D-Notices, Special Branch, were to used protecting the goodies, not in protecting the Baddies. Here is another very interesting article, I let you draw your own conclusions.

I am in despair these people I have grown up with and were part of my world, make my world crumble. 

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WhiteAlien said...

What if the national borders are literally just a front, a facade?

If you married a French lady, would her family be more important to you than a British stranger?

Royal families have sought marriage ties for generations in order to secure all kinds of alliances all across the world. These allegiances are also formed through business partnerships and agreements.

You mentioned Special Branch.

After WWII many of the Nazi generals who were torturing Jews went to the Americas in order to join the American Special Branch (CIA), exchanging their knowledge for a degree of amnesty. The CIA is funded by the same people who fund the zionists who also happen to be closely tied with the Swiss Bank, the Federal Reserve and the Bank of London. And the Nazis.

These groups or allegiances run far deeper than national borders as do the relations of royalty. I believe our own Queen has a large amount of German ancestry after all!

Every player in each of these deep allegiances or royal bloodlines may have his own agenda and each group or individual can be infiltrated, change 'sides' or be manipulated.

Forget national borders and being above the law therefore escaping justice.

Justice is a term invented by those who create the laws to serve themselves.