Monday, 21 July 2014

Affordable Housing.

The London Living wage is £8.80 an hour £352.00 a week, and the state pension at £123.45 a week. so what is affordable housing for the Hard Working Londoner who is on the living wage. They certainly can't afford the flats along the river priced in the millions. With foreign investment flooding in, the average Londoner stands no chance of accommodation in his home City.

When my father got Demobbed from The Army at the end of WW!!, our family were given a prefab 2 bedroom bungalow. For its time it was great, built in Kitchen, Fridge, Washing Machine, with a fitted bathroom, with hot water and heating.

This Holiday Inn at Southend Airport is a modern modular Building, but the colour and appearance is fantastic.  The Roar Party would like to build 100.000 modern modular buildings similar to the post-war bungalows but very Eco with solar panels . One third to be rented at an affordable £140.00 a week, one third to be rented to pensioners at £40.00 a week, and one third for sale at £183,000.00 so that the average Londoner could get on the building ladder. All these would only be available to British citizens who have worked in London for 5 years. Those that have been bought could only be sold after 5 years and then the difference in the sale price and the original buying price would be split 50/50 with the government.

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