Saturday, 2 August 2014

This could bring The Government Down

I thought I would back off blogging about The Child Abuse scandal and The Elm House Affair, I was beginning to get worried I might be attracting the attention of MI5 or The Special Branch, it seems so many people associated with this story have either committed "suicide" or "died". Then today on BBC News up pops the subject again with The Kincora Childrens Home Scandal, now why would a tiny Childrens Home in Northern Ireland, attract the attention of Jimmy Saville and The English Prime Minister Edward Heath. If you google Kincora and Jimmy Saville, up comes a load of information about Jimmy Saville and also a picture of Ted Heath visiting the home. Now as far as I know there are no D Notices covering this.
But if you google Jimmy Saville, Haute De Gaurenne, and Edward Heath up comes some pretty damaging accusations, and there are apparently D notices covering publication of this story, now why would you need D notices unless the authorities are trying to keep a cap on what happened in Jersey and at The Tory Party Conference at Blackpool.
Now another story with a D notice and a super injunction, is the story about The Elm Guest House, now this concerns The famous missing dossier, given to Leon Brittan by Geoffrey Dickens, now if you google The Elm Guest House and Leon Brittan, it suddenly becomes clear why the dossier disappeared.
If these links to Edward Heath and Leon Brittan turn out to be true I can't see The Government surviving. 

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