Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Morning Sickness

This was the nickname given to Edward Heath's boat Morning Cloud by his close protection team who must have known what was going on. Why was this nickname given, listen to Michael Shrimpton and you will understand:-
And then you have the allegations against the former Home Secretary , listen to Bill Maloney and Chris Fay here :-

For some time these stories have been kept from the Public with D notices, but now they are all over The Internet and people are talking about them. Soon Mr Cameron will have his own Morning Sickness and will have  to make a statement about these stories and either deny them or start apologising, and with a Prime Minister accused of Child Abuse and worse, and with a Home Secretary involved as well, I don't think The Government will survive.
Maybe you should resign now Mr Cameron.

This is the last blog I am going to make on this subject, I am now going to concentrate on the main aims of The Roar Party bringing democracy to the people with Reality Politics. Giving people their own vote on all important issues.

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