Wednesday, 13 August 2014

John Major is Right and Wrong.

Former Prime Minister says immigrants should be valued for the "guts and drive" they have to leave their homes and work for a better life

We agree with you John however we are being overwhelmed with a tsunami of immigration and that is where it is wrong. Our infrastructure is built for 60 million people and how many are here now ?  The government don't really know and that is where it is going wrong. It could be 70 million and some suggest 80 million. All we know is that are services. hospital, schools, roads, doctors just are not coping.  And Sir John  did anyone ask the British People if they wanted immigration on such a scale, did anyone offer us a vote on Europe, Oh sorry I forgot The Liars, Blair, Brown, Cameron all offered us a vote on Europe when they were not in Power, and  as soon as they were in power turned their backs on The People.  The Roar Party will give The People a vote on Europe, and we will ask The Europeans to go home after all we never ask them to come her. And don't tell me its good for our economy when we now have a National Debt of 1.7 Trillion.

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WhiteAlien said...

There is nothing wrong with immigration in itself. UK should aim to home the top people from all over the world, but not at the expense of losing its own.

Some of the top doctors, for example, are foreigners who were successful first in their own countries before moving to UK. These people should always be welcome.

On the other hand, UK is inviting far too many unskilled settlers from the poorer and less successful extremes of foreign communities. Do you imagine that the uneducated, unskilled, unemployed citizens of Britain could go and live in other countries and take advantage of all social support systems available?

Another problem that comes from encouraging unskilled immigrants is that much of their salary is typically exported. This reduces the strength of the economy and should be restricted.

So why is UK allowing it? One reason is that huge waves of the British are leaving due to a low quality of life compared with other countries!

UK should strive to maintain a high standard of living for the British, become more strict on who is allowed to become a resident to be sure that they improve the country and to put controls in place for foreign remittances.