Thursday, 11 September 2014

Resign Mr Cameron

The No 1 purpose of the Government is to protect its people, something I have rammed home before. That includes looking after the most vulnerable, the  children in care. Not only have The Government not looked after them, there are some in positions of the highest power that have prayed on them, not only that but when these people have been found out , The Government have stepped in and protected them.  Files have been "LOST" in numerous occasions, the most blatant concerning files handed to The Home Secretary Leon Brittan, and is it any wonder they were lost because Chris Fey during an interview with Carole Kasir was shown pictures of Leon Brittan that she said were taken at Elm Guest House. She conveniently died in 1990 a victim of an "overdose". The Coroner was the same Coroner who officiated for Princess Di and Jill Dando  (are any bells ringing here).
Then we have ex Prime Minister Edward Heath being accused by a Barrister Michael Shrimpton of more abuse, check this out by googling, Edward Heath, Jimmy Saville and Haut de Garenne.
Not only is this bad enough but you have succesive Governments covering all this up, aided by The Police, Special Branch, MI5, Mi6 and D Notices.
Then in the latest abuse scandal at Rotherham more files have "Mysteriously" disappeared along with physical evidence of rape.
Are you going to vote Yes or No in The Scottish Referendum, because what ever way you vote, Scotland is not immune to these cases of missing files, one that Alex Salmond himself knows about. Find out yourself about these Google Alex Salmond and missing abuse files.
So Mr Cameron who lied to us before you were elected by saying you would give us a vote on Europe, when are you going to start doing the most important job of any Government, the No 1 job of any Government, protecting its People.

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