Monday, 23 June 2014

Islamist Radicals

So MI6 are saying they can 't protect us from these Islamist Radicals fighting in Iraq and Syria. In effect the Government are failing once again in their primary purpose. Well The Roar Party will give you some ideas, STOP MUSLIMS coming here, The Germans never got here in The Last War, so stop this enemy now because whats happening in Mossel now, is what they   want to happen in Birmingham tomorrow. They are not going to stop until they take over here and establish Sharia Law here. Close down The Cardiff Mosque where they have been preaching this hatred, we have had enough we have opened our country, been betrayed by our Government which has established a multicultural society that the British never wanted, and this is the way they pay us back by wanting to take over our country. Successive governments have  branded us Racist if we have dared to talk about Immigration. Now we are in the situation where British Muslims are travelling abroad to be trained for The British Holy War, we call on our Government to take action now before its to late. Put our Army on our Ports, The UK Border Agency is totally useless, bring back our UK Customs. We have cameras that can photograph a human hair from 100 miles away, we have facial recognition systems, and The Government is telling us they can't identify these Muslims extremists, come on MI6 and The Army this is your job....DO IT

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