Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Illegal Immigrants.

Channel 5's documentary last night revealed how we are being let down by our Government, The UK Border Agency, and one of our partners in the EU "The French". To many illegal immigrants are making it across our borders, we need a return to The Organized Customs we had, The UK Border Agency are obviously not up to the task. Once again we are being betrayed by our Government who are simply not doing enough to stop these illegals coming in. And what do we say about our French "Partners " in Europe who allow all these Afghans, Iraq's and other illegal immigrants to the EU, to simply put up camp on French soil, they should be rounded up and deported, once again our European "Partners" show they are simply not interested because they are not ending up in France. The Asylum agents who are getting 100's of asylum seekers with the same documentation, we heard of one last nighyt who had got thousands of asylum seekers the right to stay here, and who was subsequently caught and given 7 years, and I know of another that was arranging sham marriages to Bulgarian criminals, these people that had arranged visas should all be deported as well as the criminals being convicted. We should investigate all marriages by EU citizens in this country because I have heard of 100's of arranged sham marriages by Polish people often with charges of 10 or 20,000 pounds. And how do people with overstayed visas carry on working here paying tax and NI, surely the Home Office could tie this two simple things together,  === overstayed visa = national insurance number. The Government are failing in their primary purpose to protect its people  and as proved in The Recent  Euro Election they have only 28% share of the 36 % that voted, resign NOW !!!!!!!!.
The Roar Party will stop immigration immediately and give you a vote in immigration and Europe.

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