Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Taxi demonstration.

Londons Taxi Drivers staged a protest last week against TFL's failure to implement the law over the company Uber being allowed to operate in London. But there was one thing that emerged during these demonstrations the fact that the top executive in TFL is paid £650,000.00 a year, this is totally obscene how have these public servants managed to massively increase their salaries in the last few years when we are supposed to be in austerity, Yesterday I saw an advertisement for The Clerk to The House of Commons salary   of £198,000.00 another obscene salary. The chief executive of my local council receives a salary of £289,143.00 another obscene salary. How have these people been steadily been feathering their own nests over the last few years. The Prime Minister receives a salary of £142,000.00 for running the country. The Roar Party will pledge to peg all civil servants to the Prime Ministers pay, after all how can someone that just runs a local council or transport organisation earn more than the person running the country.

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