Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Population of the UK

It used to be recognised that our population was 60 million, but last week it was published that there are 2 million illegal immigrants in the country, that in itself is outrageous, the Government and The UK Border Agency are totally at fault here. The Governments No 1 Priority is to protect its people, something they have patently failed to do. They should resign on this issue alone.
The Passport Office is the latest government  department to buckle under the strain, up to now its been, Roads, Schools, Hospitals, The Governments answer to the huge increase in population is to cut back on all the essential services, we have seen Police Stations close, Fire Stations close, cut backs in the NHS, our benefits system ripped off, all our infrastructures are completely overloaded.
How many people are now in the country ?  They have actually no idea, this is a total disgrace, are there now 70 million, 80 million  ?.
We need a return to our original Customs service with its ethnic make up as it  was before, which was totally capable and incorruptible, we have so many people in the UK border agency from outside the UK who come from societies that have corruption at their cores.
We need to use the army, with its highly effective intelligence arm to  track down and deal with these high numbers of illegal immigrants.

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