Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Islamist militants.

During a television interview last week from Birmingham, discussing the attempted takeover of British Schools by Islamist militants, I was appalled to see nearly all the pupils going into the school behind the interviewer wearing head scarfs and long robes. Why are these pupils allowed to be making political statements when they are attending school in Britain, why are they not wearing school uniform like all British School children. Islamist fighters from Britain  fighting in Syria and Iraq are promising to come back here and attack our system. Are we going to see something in Birmingham similar to what is happening in Iraq. We need a strong hand to deal with Muslim Extremists in England. The Roar Party is the Only Party that will deal with these threats by coming out of The European Court of Human Rights, establishing our own Human Rights legislation , we will deport the people that are actively trying to attack our society. The 2,000 activists on The Secret Services watch list will be deported, why should we put up with these people that are actively plotting against us and trying to change our society. It is time we banned the Burqa like France we don't want these people making these political statements here.

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