Thursday, 18 December 2014

English Jobs for English People.

The Health Service is recruiting 4 out of 5 nurses from abroad. This has to stop The Roar Party demands that all jobs in England be offered to English People first. We are being betrayed by our Government who are putting profit before people.  The Roar Party will sack any managers that actively recruit foreigners above English people, This will apply to products as well, why should we have our hard earned tax money spent on foreign products and foreign jobs, every time I see a German built ambulance or  public utility vehicle I wonder what is going on, surely English money spent by The Government should be directed at products built in Britain. We will go further than this  as well with salaries, in the last ten years public employees have been quietly feathering their nests and awarding themselves outrageous salaries, we will peg all public service employees pay up to  a limit of the Prime Ministers salary, after all why should public employees running councils, county councils, the health service and other public utilities earn more than the person running the country.

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