Sunday, 25 May 2014

Listen, Respond and Deliver

Listen, Respond and Deliver, George Osbournes latest offering. The initials LRD are to close to the initial from the last war LDV (Local Defense Volunteers ) quickly changed to Look, Duck and Vanish.  Fast forward to the results from The European Election later today, and George Osbournes mantra could be changed to Look, Run and Disappear. The thing is politicians up to now haven't been listening to the People at all, they have been lying to us over Europe for 40 years , even more recently George Brown, Tony Blair, David Cameron have lied to us over a vote on Europe. 36% turnout in the local elections on Thursday is a result of this,  People are completely disillusioned and fed up with Politicians who won't tell us the truth and blatantly lie. The Roar Party ( ) are the only party that will stop this, they will offer e-voting on important issues so Parliament will become more of a debating chamber and let the People decide on important issues themselves, so it won't matter how much the politicians LIE prior to election, The People will get their say with Reality Politics.

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