Thursday, 27 November 2014

Dartford Crossing

At last they are going to do something about the Dartford Crossing or Le Crossing as the French Company that manage have renamed it !. Why do we have a French Company managing an asset that the Government promised us would be free when it was paid for ? Another case of our Government betraying The English by channeling our money into French Profits and French Jobs ?  TFL have the technology to handle The Congestion charge why can't they do it ? Just another example of our Government taking our hard earned tax revenues and giving it out to EU countries. Look at all the Ambulances and Police vans a lot of them are Mercedes, or Volkswagen our hard earned money going to German jobs and profits no wonder The Fuhrer wants us to stay in. While we are on the subject why do we allow our British Companies to be sold to overseas investors The Roar Party would like to see all companies operating in Britain to be 65% owned by British Nationals. The same with our houses and buildings ordinary Londoners are being priced out of London because overseas investors are buying houses. Like a lot of other countries we should only allow British people to buy in England, or people that have been granted residency here. And why not extend this to Football, teams must have 65% of their squads British and only English managers, perhaps then we will see an improvement in our teams performances in World and European matches.
The Roar Party wants to see British jobs for British People. Another 260,000 people have flooded in in the last year, we are full, STOP IMMIGRATION NOW !

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