Friday, 21 November 2014

Congratulations to UKIP

Why should we congratulate another party ? It is because they have broken the mould. It is because people are waking up to the fact that our masters have no intention of listening to us over Europe. Gordon Brown, David Cameron all promised us a vote on Europe before they were in power and they lied to us they had no intention of giving us the vote. The Roar Party will give you a vote on Europe and referendums on all important issues.
The Labour party has shown us what they think of the ordinary people by sneering at white van man and his flags. They have shown us by their attitude on Europe how far theyn have become divorced from the very base they should be representing.  Emily Thornberry should not only resign from her position of power but resign as an MP, give UKIP another opportunity for another MP.
On top of this all the parties have been sitting on top of this volcano that is now showing signs of going to erupt, historical child abuse by people in power. Right from the top,  Prime Ministers,  Home Secretarys, MP'S and others have been abusing their positions of power, and they have been abusing our children. This information is  becoming a tsunami that is sweeping across the internet.

Want to know more:-


Edward Heath, Jimmy Saville, Haut de Garenne,


Leon Brittan, Elm Guest House.

Will more MP's resign their seats ?


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