Friday, 31 October 2014


#Immigration. Yesterday David Cameron and Ed Milliband slugged it out in the Commons, Who Won? I can tell you who lost...The British People, they have been betrayed by both of these parties, The Asylem system is a shambles there are tens of thousands waiting for decisions. The Roar Parties stance on this is that the Asylem system should be applied as follows , Asylem seekers should go to the nearest safe country to their country of origin, they should not be allowed to travel half way round The World to Benefits Britain. People from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia should never be allowed Asylem here, they are coming from cultures that are corrupt and to far away from our way of life. Any immigrants from anywhere should have health checks and criminal checks, if countries like America, Australia, New Zealand apply these checks why can't we ?

The Governments No 1 priority should be to protect its people, they have completely failed in this respect.

The Roar Pary will give you a vote on Europe and this vote will be by British Nationals, not the residents of 28 other countries that are currently allowed to vote in our elections. They will also give you a vote, if you vote on coming out of Europe, if you would like the European immigrants to go home, we never ask them to come here but we can ask them to go home.

One of the biggest scandels regarding immigrants recently is the large number of Pakistani men abusing young British women, these should all be deported immediately. Mind you is this surprising in our society when there are examples of endemic child abuse from the highest levels of our own society.... Google... Edward Heath, Jimmy Saville, Haut de Garenne, and then Google.....Leon Brittan, Elm Guest House.
So there is to be an inquiry into all this, don't make me laugh, they have appointed one of Leon Brittans pals to do this, and I hear they are excluding, Haut de Gareen, Kincoran, probably Elm Guest House. What they should be doing is tracking all the children that have been in care since the 80's finding out what has happened to them and interviewing them. Lets nail all these abusers once and for all however high they were in British Society. Of course this won't happen, you already know that this inquiry is going to a white wash, because if the truth came out it would bring down The Government.

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