Friday, 31 January 2014

Vunerable Syrians.

Do we really need to have Vulnerable Syrian Refugees here. These people who have been suffering horrible abuses from their fellow countrymen, rape, torture, imprisonment are probably going to have severe health and mental health problems for the rest of their lives, will bringing them to an alien culture something so different to their way of life and culture really help them. Especially as we are not treating our own mental health patients properly, we have closed so many mental health institutions in the last few years and are trying to help these people in the community, how many mental health patients have killed and attacked people since these ideas started. At Christmas in the Tube there was an advert saying 80,000 children in The UK would be without proper shelter, so we are ignoring the people who need help in this country and exasperating the problems by importing damaged individuals from culture so alien to ours. As an example these people don't sort out their differences on a cricket pitch on a Sunday afternoon. There are  snipers in Syria who are targeting pregnant women and shooting them in the stomach, these people are animals,  how completely alien is this to our way of life.. David Cameron has pledged 600 million to help these people they should be helped nearer to their own country in a culture that is more akin to theirs.

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